Welcome to Sunday’s Edition of Carol’s Corner. Of course in a short while it will actually be Monday, but consecutively it’s still Sunday’s post. Hope everyone had a great day. Been busy all day. First had church and then later went dancing again today . Had to go back to Ithaca because I accidentally lost my bank card at Applebee’s. Didn ‘t even know it was missing till I went to pay for the blouses I got at the thrift store. Thank goodness they had it locked up in their safe. I was a basket case until I found out they had it. Today’s pic is of another new dress that I hadn’t worn yet. I got all of my really good dresses in sales at Boscov’s. Every one of them was ordered online without trying them on and every single one was perfect. Still can’t believe I am able to do that. Now onto what I’ve chosen to discuss tonight. I asked for suggestions earlier and am using one of them. Sandy this is for you. We’ll just put this in hypothetical terms and go from there. You have been various weights and have clothes in many many sizes. You are at your top weight , but have committed to doing something about it. You have so much stuff. You know you can’t keep it all and you can’t even find what you need. How do you declutter and how do you decide what to keep and what to get rid of? Well this is definitely something I think I can help with. We’re going to go about this in an orderly way, step by step. This will be advice that can probably be useful in part, to almost everyone. Step one will probably be time consuming but needs to be done. You might need a whole room to tackle this. Gather every bit of your many sizes of clothes into one spot. The first thing you will do is to go through them and separate all the sizes. Group them in descending order. Next take the largest size and bring them all to a spot where you can start going through them. Separate the group according to what they are; blouses, pants, skirts, dresses, undergarments , etc. When you have done that, you need to sort them into color groups. Now pick some anchor pieces from which to build a wardrobe around. When you have done that , start putting things together that will make outfits. Put anything you don’t truly like into the discard pile. This pile will keep growing, so designate a space where all of them are going to go until you are all done with the process, size by size. Pieces that don’t match or go with anything , should go into the discard pile. As you are deciding what to keep and what to discard, think of what you have already for accessories. As you can probably tell already, I am a big accessory person. They are what holds everything together and creates a polished look. No matter your size or weight, you should strive to put personality into your look and have fun with it. Do not be afraid of color either. Even just a small amount of color can change the whole dynamic of an outfit. Get rid of everything that doesn’t go with one or more pieces or has no accessories to pair them with. Also get rid of anything that just doesn’t speak to you. This first group will be important because you need to be able to function and look as good as you can while you are waiting to fit into the next size. Now in this first group you need to try on the pieces as you go along. Fit needs to be front & center. Don’t keep things that are too big or sloppy and also get rid of anything that is too tight. If you’re poured into something it is probably not going to be at all flattering. How much you decide to keep will vary, but don’t keep more than you think you will need to get you to the next milestone; a smaller size. When you are done with this first group, put it all in your closet or dresser arranged into groups of pieces that go together. Now do the same thing with each size group, except the fit part. You will do that when you are ready to switch sizes as your journey dictates. Each time you reach a new size , you need to try everything on , right then & there. Purge everything that is not a proper fit. Keep each size group separate and box up neatly if you have no place to put them yet. Make sure the groups are well labeled , so you can get to them quickly& easily. If you have each size group packaged together and labeled, your transition into them should be pretty easy. Remember, do not keep anything that doesn’t speak to you, doesn’t fit properly , or cannot be accessorized. When you’re totally done with the whole process , decide what you are going to do with everything that has been discarded and get rid of them as soon as possible. Now you are ready to go full steam ahead. As you graduate to the next smaller size I would advise ridding yourself of everything that is too big, so as not to have a crutch to fall back on. Each time you reach a size change you should feel more inspired and motivated to continue the amazing journey you’re on. On the day that you reach your final goal, and you will instinctively know when you do (you’ll feel it in your soul); then you will start the process of putting together and building your permanent wardrobe. If you’re anything like I was , you’ll find that your style choices change dramatically and you will probably be more adventurous in your wardrobe selections. A whole new side of you is going to emerge, because you will have a new found confidence, and a special kind of peace and joy in your heart. I hope this has been helpful & enlightening to all of you who are on the journey. I also pray that this will inspire and motivate any of you who might be stuck in the middle of no man’s land , to rev up your engines and get on with the race. The finish line is in your sights. See it in your mind. Let it move to your heart. Let the miracle begin!!!! Some of the other features will continue tomorrow. Wanted to solely concentrate on this today. Now get on out there and latch onto your dream. Believe in yourself and make it happen. May God bless all of you as you navigate your journey , one day, one step at a time. Speaking to you from Carol’s Corner. See you next time.😍😍😍

7 thoughts on “CAROL’S CORNER

  1. I want to thank you for taking the time and effort to respond to my question. I certainly am stuck somewhere in no man’s land! You offered a logical, sequential way to go about ordering my clothing and on making some tough decisions. I really like the idea of putting what doesn’t currently fit into bins and label each bin with the sizes. When you explained the process, it really makes sense. I appreciate your diligence in your explanation because when I feel overwhelmed with something, I often shut down and don’t know where to begin! I appreciate your encouragement, as well. I had a very hard weekend – emotionally – and your blog was a special treat! I am going to start tomorrow. Like you said, it may get messy at first as I am sorting through things, but my efforts will pay off! I will keep you posted on my progress! Thanks, Carol!


    1. I am so glad you like my effort today. I really felt inspired to do it and tried to take it in sequential steps that were easy to understand the logic in what I was trying to show.


  2. As the heavier sister, I really appreciated getting a whole new wardrobe from Carol. Unfortunately, I can’t do the exercises like my sister does due to health related issues but she is truly an inspiration.


  3. Carol…I am laughing about your losing your bank card because I got a message from my boss this morning (I have the day off) telling me he found my bank card. I didn’t even know I had lost it! Guess you and I need to be more careful!

    Very informative blog today. I love to put together outfits too but don’t have much chance to so it as I have to wear navy tops and khaki pants for work 5 days a week.


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