Welcome to Saturday’s Edition of Carol’s Corner. Been a busy but fun day. My hubby & I attended the Syracuse Chapter’s yearly meeting of MOAA, which stands for Military Officer’s Association Of America. It was held at the Red Mill Inn in Baldwinsville. In my picture today you can see how nice this place was. We had an amazing lunch. My eating habits weren’t quite as they should be. We’ll have to see what the scale says tomorrow. Today though I felt amazing in the dress you see me in here. Wish the details showed up more. The dress is a deep navy, but it looks almost black in this picture. I can’t even explain how I felt seeing myself in this. To even dream that I could ever think of wearing such an amazing dress never even entered my mind. I was told by someone today that I looked stunning, me ; an almost 64 year old senior citizen. Don’t let your age get in the way of of your success. Age should in no way hold you back from realizing your dreams. You can achieve them in any stage of life that you find yourself. Wherever you are at this very moment, picture YOURSELF wearing something that you’ve only dreamed about and never felt was possible. Picture yourself feeling and looking better than ever before. I am living proof that what you think is impossible can be YOUR reality. Believe in your ability to change the things in life that are holding you back. Each day, each step,whether big or small brings you one step closer to living your life the way God intended you to. Stop looking back or staying stagnant. Move ahead and continue your journey into a life that is vibrant and full of wonder. Recommit yourself today to realizing your full potential and to living a longer and healthier life.


Next up a look at two more Leslie Workout DVD’S. Both were produced in 2009. First up is Walk Away The Pounds;The Ultimate Collection. There are 4 complete workouts.1. First we find the 1mile get up & get started Walk. A good basic walk to get you into the swing of things. Running time 18 minutes. 2. Walk 2 is the 2 mile brisk walk. You get 30 minutes of cardio followed by a targeted body -toning routine. Uses optional one pound weights . 3. Then move on to the 3 mile advanced walk. You get 45 minutes of intense fat burning and body sculpting and also stretching with the stretchie band.
The second offering is 5 complete workouts on one dvd. First is the Muscle Mile one,19 minutes of brisk walking combined with upper body strength training. 2. NEXT IS A 30 minute Walk with the perfect amount of exercise in a powerful two mile Walk. 3. We then have The Walk Diet One Mile with a heart pumping 2 mile walk between . 4. This workout is the 37 minute Walk Strong Express, combining cardio with body sculpting and, then It ends with you Can Do Pilates a 15 minute workout that won’t leave you overwhelmed. Well that’s gonna have to be it for now cause I can’t keep awake much longer. God Bless and don’t forget to walk, walk, walk…,,.

3 thoughts on “CAROL’S CORNER

  1. Another great outfit and blog! Thanks Carol for the encouragement about moving forward. That’s what our journey is all about, one step in front of the other. Thanks again for the breakdown of the videos!


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