Welcome to Carol’s Corner on this cold winter day. I guess I should be happy I’m in Central New York and not Buffalo. They got over six feet of snow dumped on them with a possibility of another few feet tomorrow. Winter seems to have struck with a vengeance. Guess we better strap ourselves in. We might be in for a bumpy ride. Hubby had taken a picture earlier minus the boots. It was snowing on the way home and decided to change into these boots. The waitress at Denny’s took this one for me. The blouse is the new piece in this pic. Got it on sale at N Y & Co. Hadn’t been there in awhile and the sales clerk who had helped me before said she was just asking about me last week. She was the sales clerk who convinced me I had to go with smaller sizes . Got my first size 8 pants there & small tops. I used to start with the bigger size, now I start with the smaller and go from there. That is a mistake that is made sometimes by many of us, myself included. Properly fitting clothing makes a huge difference in what you look like in them. Now to the topic for this edition. Noticed some posting today about binge or emotional eating. We all tend to do it sometimes, then hate ourselves for it later. The first thing we need to do is pinpoint what our triggers are. What are the occasions when we eat , but aren’t really hungry? Examples of these could be : too stressed, bored, or sad. What are the reasons you turn to food? Are there underlying emotional reasons? An example could be lonliness. You eat so you can be in control of something. In reality you aren’t in control, you just think you are. If you were you , wouldn’t be doing what you’re doing. So start thinking about what’s going on in the moments you turn to food. Take a week and keep a diary so you can see when , where, and why you might be using food to change the channel in what’s happening at that time. Another important thing you can do is to create a proper eating environment. Don’t for instance eat in the car on your way home. Sit down at a table in a calm environment. Avoid distractions like tv, newspapers, books, or any type of contentious conversations. Eat what your body wants, enough to feel satisfied but not overstuffed. Eat with others and fully enjoy your meal. Remember also that your weight loss diet won’t solve all your issues. Do this for yourself because you want to , and to be in , and to keep good health. You have all the tools you need inside yourself , just realize that and use them all . Remember every meal and every day is a new beginning. Avail yourself of that new beginning and continue the journey. Take it from me, you will never regret it.


The last segment of today’s blog will be to showcase two more of Leslie’s workout videos. The first one is Just Walk- 4 Mile Power Walk, with power surges to increase your calorie burn. This DVD was produced in 2012. It has three workout options. You can do the 4 Mile Power Walk which is the longest and takes 60 minutes, but if you want shorter walks, you can choose between two different 2 mile walks. Choose the 2 mile Classic Walk or the 2 mile Power Express Walk. You will be doing the short power surges in all except the classic walk. Next up is the 2 Mile Belly Blasting Walk . It is also produced in 2012. There are two separate workouts. The first is 2 Fast Miles with Belly Flattening Moves. The second workout is a Targeted Waist Slimming Session. The total time for the two workouts together is 53 minutes. So take your pick . Both are great workouts. Hope you’ve enjoyed today’s offering. Have an awesome and productive day. See you next time.

4 thoughts on “CAROL’S CORNER

  1. Great post! I’m finding what helps to prevent me from “mindless eating” is remembering my goals. What do I want to look like, what weight am I aiming for, what will I be able to do in six months that my weight/health is holding be back from now? If I remind myself, or read over written goals, it keeps me focused on what positive things are ahead for me. I don’t want to be, in six months, where I am right now. Only change can bring about the results I seek.


    1. What keeps me at where I am now is just loving what I see in the mirror and the amazing way it makes me feel.. Getting dressed is a pure joy now. I know I look younger too and health wise lots of benefits


  2. Love the outfit!! great thoughts on your post. My problem in the past wasn’t emotional eating, it was more “dang that tastes good, I want some more!!” I love that there are single portions with so many foods now. I also try to be more aware of how much a serving is and how many calories. Sometimes the serving has so many calories it isn’t worth eating so I look for an alternative.


  3. Love the blouse! Great advice about the emotional eating. Still an area I need to improve on, but have made progress over the past few years. Just tried the belly blasting walk today – what a high energy workout!


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