Welcome to the Cold Weather Edition of Carol’s Corner. Not liking this winter already. I am not a winter person and November weather here in central NY is way colder than usual. It’s currently between 15 and 18 degrees and feels like 3 to minus 1 degrees. Too cold for my blood. Decided to get out the beautiful coat my mom gave to me last year . She couldn’t button it anymore and I loved it.


This is what I wore underneath . Bought this shirt in two different colors at a Kohl’s sale last week. Still can’t believe they came from the Jr section of the store. So much has changed for me since I began my weight loss journey a year ago. I never thought I could look like this , even in my wildest dreams. Once I got going and saw the success I was having , I decided to go further than I had planned. I am so happy I did. Wherever you are in your journey stay focused , take one day and one workout at a time. Don’t let bad days send you into a tailspin. Keep thinking about and seeing the bigger picture. Break your journey down into smaller manageable goals and celebrate each and every one. Treat yourself to something special each time you reach one of them. Chronicle your successes. Besides making a photo album throughout your journey , you might even keep a diary of sorts , something you could look back on to keep you inspired in the future. You can read your diary everyday and see what things are detrimental to your success on your journey and what things are roadblocks. Maybe being able to read this in black and white can help you to adjust your behaviors or triggers that get in the way of success. Hope you find these suggestions to be beneficial to you in your continued journey.


When I asked for some suggestions to include in my blog tonight,someone suggested I should include something on Leslie workouts. I thought maybe I could showcase one or two each day from my collection. It’s not as big as some I’ve seen here but I do have quite a few. The first one I’ll showcase today Is The Big Burn -2 Miles Of Intervals. This was produced in 2009. The total workout time is 33 minutes. This is a great two mile walk with BOOSTED walk intervals. It starts with a warm up walk like usual. The pace varies from 4, 5, and 5.5 mph. There are mile markers if you don’t want to do both miles. There are are also compound multi muscle moves that give you a bigger calorie burn . As always there’s a cool down walk and stretching at the end.

The second I am going to include is the Walk Your Belly Flat 3 Mile Walk. This was also produced in 2009. The total time of this workout is 53 minutes. The 3 mile walk is 43 minutes and the Belly Sculpt and Stretch is 10 minutes. This contains all the usual elements of a Leslie workout. There are mile markers if you don’t want to do the whole thing and this includes a walk clock. The walk is done by Leslie herself and does not include other walkers, but it is still vintage Leslie. The Ab session at the end is a great end to this workout. Hope you guys enjoyed this segment. Thanks for the suggestion. Will try to either have a recipe section or this in future editions of Carol’s Corner. Gonna try and address another topic that was suggested tomorrow; the topic of stress eating. Might have to do a little research. Will try to do it justice. Have a great day tomorrow, well guess by now you can call it today. Get out there and move, move,move. See you next time.

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