Welcome back to Carol’s Corner. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Hubby is back home so he got to resume photographer’s duties. This is the dance floor where we go dancing . Band was on break , so took this opportunity to get the pic for today’s edition of Carol’s Corner. I got this dress while he was gone. When I saw this dress in the store, it was love at first sight. LOL!!! Just the colors alone are so uplifting, especially with the long winter months upon us. Wish we could fast forward, but then maybe we’d miss something good . Guess I’ll just have to suck it up. Now back to this awesome dress. As soon as I saw it on the hanger I knew I had to have it. The color combination is breathtaking. You probably see by now that color is one of my best friend’s. Don’t be afraid to use color and experiment with how it makes you feel. Just putting on this dress with it’s beautiful colors and floral print just made me feel amazing and put a smile on my face as soon as I put it on. The really cool thing , was, I had just gotten this beautiful Color Cami Shaper when they were having this great sale. Could there be a better match? I also had these shoes already and even had jewelry I had made before that was a great match. So I knew that this dress was meant to be, a match made in heaven. Back to the color thing. Don’t be afraid of color or bold patterns. Try a color you have never worn. Try a bold pattern. Don’t get stuck in a rut. Experiment, experiment, experiment. Doing this just might lift your spirits and get you to the next level in your journey. Just seeing all the possibilities could get you out of the doldrums , and refocus you in what you need to do to succeed. I want some feedback from you , if any of you have implemented any of the things I have suggested so far. It will help me to know if I am on the right track , that what I’m doing is helping the people I seek to help. All input or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Now for another recipe of sorts. This is my own concoction and almost everyone who has ever tried it loves it. It also makes a good one dish meal served with a salad and a good healthy but tasty bread. You can make this be bigger or smaller , whatever is best for you. I’ll just tell you what I use. First of all you need a large deep kind of frying pan. Also I do all my vegetable prep before starting the dish. Take green pepper and onion. I usually use at least one large of each. Cut them both in about two inch strips. Use a little olive oil in the pan. Season with some garlic powder, a little salt, and the pepper corn medley. Sautée’ till partially done. Take two to three yellow squash depending on the size. Cut off the ends and cut them into slices. Halve them if using big squash. Add them to the pan and mix the pepper & onion with it. Put a cover on and cook till squash is done and tender. Add two to three diced tomatoes and cheese of your choice. I use 2% cheddar or Colby Jack. I buy the already shredded to save time. Use as much as you see fit. Season again with garlic powder , Adobe seasoning salt, and peppercorn medley. Stir as needed. There will be lots of juice in the bottom but that’s ok. Dish is done when cheese is melted and tomatoes are warm. Serve yourself a good size serving along with a salad and one slice bread of your choice. Use whatever butter product you have been using. I like to lightly toast the bread. This is a healthy one dish meal. Really the only thing with many calories is the cheese, but if you eat one good size serving. , should be fine. Portion control is always key. You could also substitute zucchini, but my preference is yellow squash. Hope you enjoyed today’s Carol’s Corner offering. Now get out there and move those feet. See you next time.

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