Welcome to the November 16th edition of Carol’s Corner. Got two pictures for you. Wanted to put them in reverse order but somehow couldn’t seem to make them go in a different order. The coat you see me wearing was worn years ago,and the last two years there was no way that it fit me, but I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of it because I really loved that coat. Almost got rid of it in a yard sale once , so glad I didn’t. I still even had the matching leather gloves and bought this scarf for with it the other day. My eyes were kind of half closed but wanted you to see the coat. Now the cool part is the dress that I wore to church today totally goes with the coat, so it kind of made a sophisticated ensemble. Had to get jewelry to go with this dress because it’s hard to get beads or stones to match this. Like what I was able to find though. The necklace will work good for other dresses or tops that have a high closed neckline, and the matching bracelet and earrings have three different colors that can be paired with many other shades of color. Now to my topic today. I’d like to talk about something that frequently happens sometimes during the course of our weight loss journeys. What I’m referring to is how we can sometimes sabotage ourselves, for whatever reason. Whatever that reason may or may not have been,it serves no useful purpose . Take this scenario for instance. You had a bad couple days or even a bad week. Instead of losing you gained more than you thought you would. So what do you do? You’re so down on yourself you don’t think clearly and you do the opposite of what you SHOULD do. Instead of getting right back on track you tell yourself ,”what”s the use?” and continue the downward spiral in your eating habits. Maybe even start skipping some workouts and soon you you have negated all the recent progress you’ve made. Does this sound at all familiar? Well when these things happen and they will, we need to stop, take a breath and use our brain instead of our tangled emotions. What purpose does sabotaging ourself in this way serve? It doesn’t . Sabotage just punishes yourself and no one else. Here’s what you SHOULD do. Tell yourself your human, your not perfect and sometimes life gets in the way. Don’t keep making bad judgements because your mad or disappointed in yourself. Every meal , every day, every workout is a new opportunity. Stop looking backward, and move forward right where you are. Forget about the mistakes you made and recommit yourself to the journey you started. When you have a bad day, just remember, it’s only one day. Reverse course the very next day , maybe throw in a little extra workout time to keep that metabolism revved up. I was going to try and do a recipe but think I should save that till tomorrow. I thought this was an important conversation to have with the holidays coming up. It’s ok to not be perfect all the time, remember that. That’s just life. But when your not , don’t let your emotions lead you in the wrong direction. Keep a cool head and remember the big picture. You have all the tools you need . Believe in yourself and get right back on the horse when you fall off. You won’t regret it. Till next time, get out there and get moving!

2 thoughts on “CAROL’S CORNER

  1. I love reading your blog! The kids still ask everyday to see the new pictures you posted! This blog especially is the one I needed to read. I have a huge problem of getting too down on myself for mistakes. If I make a bad choice when eating I let it ruin the whole week. I need to learn to move on from the mistake and not dwell on it or let the guilt get the best of me.


    1. I thought this was a problem we all face at sometime in our journey and needed to be addressed . I hope people thought it was helpful. I love that your kids ask to see my pictures. That is just so cool. Tell them hi from me.


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