Hope you enjoy today’s pic. I went to Shoe Department to get some spray waterproofing for my boots and the sales clerk was gracious enough to take this for me. Actually love how it turned out. Well the weather has turned pretty crappy the last few days, so I knew it was a boot day which made the backdrop of the boots really go well with the picture. I felt with the depressing weather , I needed something bright and colorful to lift my spirits. This blouse is another find from a thrift store shopping trip. Threw on this black sweater to take the chill out when I was at dinner at Perkins and in the store. I had this jewelry I made eons ago that I thought went really well with it. I think by now you guys know I love the process of putting together an outfit from head to toe. The same goes with decorating my home and the holiday decorating I do. Putting the right things together has always been kind of my thing. It comes to me naturally , but it is something you can learn and work on. Try something this week. Look through your closet, your accessories, your makeup. Pick out one thing you love and use it to try and put together a whole look from head to toe. Do something different with you hair and makeup. When your done , get someone to take a picture. Remember you don’t need to be at your ideal weight to make yourself feel beautiful. Doing this may be the beginning of realizing you can take charge of you. Everything you need to do , it’s all there. You just have to harness the greatness inside you and make the commitment to the journey you have started. Remember, it’s one moment , one step, and one day at a time. Slow and steady wins the race. Do what I said here on a regular basis. Take pictures along the way so you can see the changes as you go along. Make an album showing your journey. As you make progress along your journey, you will have a visual way to keep track of all the changes along the way. This will surely be a source of inspiration and motivation to stay the course. I wish I had thought to have done this for myself, but the idea just came to me as I started today’s post. Now onto some food suggestions which you have asked for . I’ll try and do something in each post. Frequently for lunch I made some kind of wrap. The wraps I found at Aldi’s were perfect and were a healthy choice. My favorite is the chicken salad I make. It’s quick and easy and can be used for more than one serving. Find a white meat chicken that you can get in a can just like Tuna. Drain it well and put in a bowl. Break it up fine , like you would do with tuna. Chop up some celery and add to it. What makes this for me is that I also put diced fresh tomato in it. The next secret is in the seasonings, which really make it tasty. For the mayo part I use Hellman’s Light. You can use fat free if you want, but I use light because for a Diabetic Fat Free is usually worse. Now for the seasonings . I use garlic powder, (the secret ingredient Dillweed), a little salt , and a peppercorn medley you can find in the spice section of your grocery store. It’s made by McCormick. This is something I use in tons of things. Mix with the mayo of your choice. Then fill your wrap with the desired amount. Pair this with a salad or cooked vegetable and you have a satisfying lunch. Hope You have enjoyed this edition of Carol’s Corner and found it helpful. Remember one day , one step at a time. Keep telling yourself you can do this . Utter the words out loud . What you think in your mind will eventually reach your heart. Then the beginning of your miracle will start to blossom, and you will be on you way to success. Have a blessed and productive day. See you next time.

3 thoughts on “CAROL’S CORNER

  1. Another great post filled with good ideas! I really like the suggestion of taking photos along our journey to health and wellness. Even though we might not like what we see in the beginning, or even midway, when the goal is in sight we’ll be happy we documented it with pics along the way. Not only encouragement for us personally, but for others who need a push to keep going. You’re one of those “pushes” for many of us, Carol. 🙂 Thank you, too, for sharing your chicken salad recipe. We’re actually headed to Aldi’s this morning so I’m gonna hunt down those wraps! Blessings on you.


  2. I just love the top! You look wonderful! I had never considered using chicken in a can, I just assumed that it would be high in sodium. But after reading how you make your salad it strikes me as one of those staples I should keep in the pantry to make quick, easy and healthy dishes!


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