Welcome to a new edition of Carol’s Corner. Hope this finds everybody doing well. Going to have two different pictures with this ensemble, and two different naming winners. Both pictures were taken at the Country Music Park where we going dancing every weekend. The day I wore this it was extremely hot so it was the perfect choice. Diane Panda Sabbath won this one with,”Feeling Breezy”. Hubby insisted on this next picture.

He loved the bike that was parked here and said I had to have a pic with it. Jo Ellen Jatczak took the honors for this one with,”Freewheeling And Flirty”.


The jewelry I chose for this I actually made to go with this particular dress. It ties in all the shades that are in it. My ring brought out the brighter pink tone and I decided to go with a Navy FitBit band.


And the clasp cover again brought out the brighter pink tones in the dress.


This is a newer watch from my watch collection that I love, and is quite unique looking, and was a great price, which is always nice.


Today’s topic came about from a conversation in one of the groups I’m in. Do you obsess every time you don’t eat the way you think you should and lament that you blew it by having a weight gain or had that piece of cake or some ice cream on a hot summer’s day? Maybe there are times we just need to live life. Maybe we need to revise our goals and expectations. Maybe we have to set a weight range that we can live with more easily, and still be fit and healthy.  We shouldn’t have to deprive ourselves 24/7. That’s not to say I mean to pack on 50 pounds, but maybe we need to allow ourselves a little bit more leeway. I’m about 12 pounds above my  lower weight of 130. I still want to get back down to the mid 130’s but I have decided I don’t need to go as low as I was before. In fact I look healthier now, I think. And everyone still thinks I look great. I do need to get back somewhat lower so all my clothes still fit, but I’m still at a good BMI according to my recent doctor’s visit and my scale. Age is also a contributing factor to many. Some people have trouble when they reach a certain age. You alone, and no one else can say what you will be the most comfortable with. That is a personal decision that everyone must make for themselves. You need to decide what you can live with and what you can’t. Where do you physically and mentally feel the best?  Are you able to carry out a good physical fitness regemin?  Personally I am stronger and more fit than I have ever been. I continue to surprise and amaze myself in that department and I continue to challenge myself in that area.  You make the decision on what you need to do. You know what you can live with. The words of Heidi Klum really say it all. Make your decision, try your best, but don’t beat yourself up when you’re not always perfect.  And above all live life to the fullest! I’d like to close with this.


It’s your journey. Become the person you want and were meant to be. Till next time, God Bless!

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