Welcome to a new edition of Carol’s Corner.  Hope this finds everyone out in cyberspace in good health and doing well. Hopefully I have the kinks worked out of this new blogging app I have to use. The ensemble pictured above is just a perfect summer outfit. The top is another thrift store purchase from last summer and it’s really kind of unique. The neckline is something totally different from anything you might have seen before and makes it quite interesting, along with how it drapes and folds in the front. And I totally love all the colors. Jo Ellen Jatczak won the naming contest with, “Garden Romance”. The jewelry you see me wearing is a set I made that brings out all the color hues in the blouse. I have a number of bottom pieces I can pair this with in almost all the shades you see that are in it. That is one of the biggest secrets to extending your wardrobe; knowing how to mix and match and buying pieces that allow you to do that.

This FitBit band brings out this same hue in the blouse as does one of my favorite rings made by a jewelry artesan I know. Was really happy to get this one because a stone this color is hard to come by.    

As most of you know, I never wear my FitBit without a clasp cover, to ensure against accidental loss, which has been known to happen. And that would make me a very unhappy camper. This clasp cover is the perfect complement, color wise.


Another thing that most of you know, is that  I collect watches that are like a piece of jewelry. I love the newest place I found, where  I can actually get ones that fit my tiny wrist perfectly. This is one of those watches. They are from a company called Tops Plaza on Amazon. They are extremely affordable and most of the time I can get them with Prime shipping. So that brings an end to the fashion portion of Carol’s Corner. Now onto more serious things.


This is the subject I would like to talk about tonight. How much do you really challenge yourself? Do you or are you afraid to? I’m going to tell you some of my own experiences on the subject of challenging ones self. When I began my journey to health and wellness back in late 2013, I was overweight, had a number of health issues, and wasn’t exercising except for our weekly dancing. Now I’m struggling a bit with some pounds I let creep back on, but in many areas I am better and stronger than ever. If you ever told me that at age 65 I would be a fitness addict so to speak, I would have told you that you were nuts. But what better addiction could there be? I started out my exercise journey with Leslie Sansone. I exercised to her dvd’s almost daily, except when sick or laid up from an injury. I also used various other walk workouts in the mix. The next year I received a FitBit from my kids for Christmas. That’s when the real challenges started. I participated in many challenges and always pushed hard to win them. I started finding out what my body was really capable of. There have been many times I have been totally surprised by what I can do, especially at 65 years young! Don’t let your age or your weight decide what your body can do until you see for yourself what it can do. So this summer I decided to challenge myself more in yet another way. I have never really done much outdoor walking, so late this spring I decided this was something I was going to do. Well since I started doing this, I hate when the weather doesn’t cooperate. When I can’t walk outside, then I fall back on my indoor workouts with Leslie or others. I walk at least 60 minutes daily, but most days 90 to 100 plus minutes. I take different routes in town every day. I love every minute of it no matter how sweaty I might get. And I don’t let the heat stop me. I carry an over the shoulder bag with my phone,my glasses and the flavored water I drink. Something I started doing that people really seem to love is on the start of every walk, I make a small video clip to try and motivate everyone to get up and move. Now two days ago I challenged myself in the biggest way yet. I walked over six miles; that spanned a stretch of two miles outside of town up an incline (lots of cardio for this two miles), till I reached a road where it leveled off and then made my way along that road (all in the countryside) for another number of miles till I reached the Walmart Parking lot. Then I went on the main highway till I made it back into town and journeyed on till I made it back to my house. When I arrived at my backdoor, I had walked for 135 minutes and 6.06 miles. I had done this as a challenge to myself to see if I was capable of completing it. I can’t even begin to tell you the sense of accomplishment I felt when I reached my backdoor. I am so much stronger and healthier because of the ways I have begun to challenge my body. This is my challenge to you. Start doing something you never thought you could do. Begin small and work your way to bigger things. Every day do a little more. Work a little harder. Over time you will keep getting stronger and stronger. Our bodies are amazing things when we learn to harness every thing that they are capable of.
See what your body can do when you let it.


This is an exercise shirt I love and a motto I live by, and one we all need to live by. Whatever you do, wherever you are in life, don’t ever,ever quit. The journey continues. Till next time, God Bless.

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