Welcome to a new edition of Carol’s Corner. Bear with me as I  try to figure out this new blogging app. I just got my new 9.7 inch 128 gig IPad Pro and can’t get the app I always used. This is all trial and error and there seems to be no help or directions to use it. I can’t even figure out how to make a colored font.  So, the picture above, might just be one of my favorites to date. We asked a neighbor two doors down if we could take the photo by their beautiful tree. It just goes perfectly with my dress. I love every single aspect of this ensemble. The colors are just gorgeous and the print is beautiful. Catherine Warner won the naming contest with,”BloomingBeautiful”. Something funny happened last night when I was sitting at the local diner trying to figure out this app. A guy came in and stopped by my table and saw this picture as I had just started this. Well he couldn’t say enough complimentary things about it. He thought it was amazing and said I needed to get it blown up. He just kept gushing about it. Guess I was kinda flattered by that. Nice to know men think I’ve still got it. Actually talked to my husband about this picture today. Next time we go to Sam’s Club, we’re going to see if they can take it from my IPad to make
into one of those pictures that are stretched over a board and kind of resemble a canvas. I have some beautiful ones of my grandchildren like that.



The necklace and earring set that I got from my manicure salon was only $10 and has the same shade stones as my FitBit Band. The ring also picks up shades from the dress. And I love the bling in this bracelet. Notice my awesome new manicure. She always does a fabulous job and it’s always a surprise.

My clasp cover also coordinates with the color tones in the dress and you can really see how awesome this manicure is.

This is one of my new watches from Tops Plaza on Amazon. I love their stuff because they fit my tiny wrist and are very inexpensive.


So we all know how this journey goes. We have good days, but than we have bad ones, maybe even bad weeks or bad months. There are times we want to pack it in and just give up. As you may have read in my previous post, I started a new weight loss challenge group which officially started on Monday. I started out strong on both the food portion and the exercise portion . The exercise portion is NEVER  a problem for me. But food wise I go back and forth between being stellar and being bad. The first part of the week my food plan was great, than the latter not so much. Do you sometimes find yourself in the same boat? Or maybe for you, it’s the other way around. Whatever the case, don’t let it derail your efforts. Don’t give up because you have been less than perfect. Shrug it off and just keep going.


This is the secret to success. No matter what,  you can’t stop. You can have roadblocks along the way, you can have not so perfect days, weeks ,or even months. As long as you keep on going in some way, no matter how slow it may be, you will eventually be successful. Just don’t give up on yourself because of what you consider your failings.

One of the biggest obstacles to success in this journey may reside right inside you. That  obstacle is your own unbelief in your ability to be successful. You can’t be successful in any aspect of your life if you don’t believe in your ability to do something. Believe and all things are possible. Stop selling yourself short. No matter how big the obstacle, if you believe you can overcome it.

So stop thinking you can’t achieve success,and start believing it, first in your head and then in your heart. When it resides in your heart, there is no stopping you, even if you go through periods of what you may consider failures. Keep believing and you will achieve whatever goal you set for yourself.

I’d like to close with the above graphic. This might be something to print out and post where you can see it every day. Remember the only person that can beat you is yourself.   Are you going to lose to her again? I think not. Take one day at a time; when you have bad days, shrug it off, get back up and fight harder and smarter. Your best days are ahead of you. Count on it. Till next time, God Bless.

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