Welcome back to a new edition of Carol's Corner. I hope this finds everyone well. I'm sorry that there is so long between new issues, but I just can't do it every day like I used to. So let's get started. I love this whole look. It even works with my awesome AASIC sneaks. I call this my casual glam look. Jo Ellen Jatczak takes the captioning honor's with “Floral Fashionista”.


Decided to go with partly silver toned jewelry for this ensemble. Got this gorgeous bracelet and the earrings in Charlotte, SC on our recent vacation and this cute little double cross ring at “South Of The Border” on our way home. This is my newest manicure . Love it. My nail tech did my feet the same way and put the flag on my big toes. She is just so good. My lavender and white polka dotted FitBit band is just perfect with this beautiful top.

As always I use a coordinating clasp cover and this one seemed just right.







This is one of my new favorite watches and the fit is just fabulous!

So before I continue on with a topic of discussion,I wanted you my readers to know I have expanded into another part of the journey. This is in addition to what I already do. To that end I recently opened up a new Facebook group,” Carol's World Of Fashion”. The main theme is “Fabulous At Every Age”!




I invite any of you my readers here, to come join in the fun. We are a member participation group and we're having a blast.

So what to talk about. Do you ever find yourself in a total funk because you can't seem to get your diet back in control? I've had a rough year and put back on about 16 pounds. I still look pretty darn good but know I need to take back off 5-10 pounds. I've decided though that I don't need to get back down to my lowest weight. Many people thought I got too thin. I just don't want to let it go any further in the wrong direction. So here are some things to ponder.


So I would say this is where I currently find myself. How about you? It is the very last statement that is crucial to those of us in the journey!! We have both successes and failures. The successes are not final and the failures are not fatal. The secret is to never give up and to have the courage to continue and even admit to your failures. Failures don't define us. It is what we do when we have them that defines us. We can let them defeat us or we can let them make us stronger. There is no shame in having setbacks. Anyone on this journey knows they come with the territory. Life sometimes gets in the way. And boy did mine since this last fall. But one thing all of you need to remember is that you are never a failure, unless you just plain give up on every aspect of your journey. I am struggling with getting my food plan back on track, but am excelling at the present moment with my fitness. In fact I am probably healthier and more fit than at any time in my life. I have started enjoying for the first time walking outside. I'm actually exploring different parts of town and take a different route each day. Then on days I can't walk outside I do my indoor walk videos. Find the ways that fit into your time and your lifestyle.






Love,love,love this!!!! Everyone has to decide just how to make the journey work for them. There is no “one size fits all”. You alone have to decide what works for you. And balance is definitely important. It might be a great idea to print out the above graphic and put it someplace to remind you of these important concepts.






More words of wisdom to live by. Exercise to be healthy always. I know I am so much more fit and healthier than I've been in many many years. If you had told me I'd be this much into exercise I wouldn't have believed you, but I feel so much better about myself both physically and mentally when I keep up my exercise regemin, and I find it is key to keeping all my health issues in control. Take all these words to heart and remember, “You are worth it“! Don't ever forget that, for even a single second.

I'd like to close with these final words of wisdom that really need no explanation. Keep these words close to your heart. And above all,” Never ever give up. Till next time , God Bless!


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