Welcome to another new edition of Carol's Corner. I appreciate all the people who read my last blog post. I felt lead to do that topic for many reasons. I hope everyone was blessed in some way. So we'll do my fashion portion and then I have another serious topic to discuss.

I really love how this dress looks. I consider this one totally sexy while being fully covered. Jo Ellen Jatczak dubbed this one,”Sophisticated Lady”. I'm also going to show you a picture with one of the sweaters I purchased recently. It's great for the spring and summer season as it's is short sleeved. Great when you just need a little something.

This is perfect with a dress like this. I also got this in white. I used a combination of accessories. The double necklaces are in black and then I used a tri color earrings and bracelet which is from a three piece set I made.




The bracelet and earrings totally coordinate with the color's in the dress as does my lapis ring.


I used a muted checkered black FitBit Band with a Royal Blue clasp cover.

And of course this ensemble called for this black watch that I seem to wear pretty frequently. Remember to have fun with your appearance and fashion in general. So now let's get started in a more serious vein.


I'm going to attempt to take on another topic we encounter many times, as we make our way through this journey and that is the topic of “failure“. Should we even think in those terms? Is there such a thing? Let's explore and see what we can come up with.

So let's start at the beginning. How many times do you find yourself afraid to attempt something because you're afraid of failure? Have you let that hold you back from doing something you really want to do? Has your fear of failure left you paralyzed when it comes to your weight loss, health or fitness journey, or anything else for that matter? Stop being afraid to fail and like the above graphic points out,”Be Afraid Not To Try“. Get your mind in the right place and don't let your fears control you. When you do, you will be on your way to success in every area of your life, including this journey we all find ourselves on. That's not to say every day, week, or month will be all successes because we know that is not the case.

Which person are you going to be? We hear all the time from successful people that say they had many failures before they became “Successful“. Do you use these times as opportunities to learn from your mistakes or do use them as opportunities to give up? Don't think in terms of failure when you go through rough times and setbacks along the way. Think of these times as opportunities to learn and grow along the way! Use these times to be even more determined as you continue in the journey.

How very important the above thinking will be as we all continue to navigate this life journey we find ourselves part of. You have to be prepared for failures or setbacks along the way. It's just part of the journey. It's how you handle them that will make all the difference. Stay positive and determined no matter how many times you fall along the way.

Always remember what the above graphic and visual is trying to show you. If you're struggling, try to remember that where you are presently, is not going to be where you're going to end up. And even when we reach what we think is our “Final Destination“, we really are always in my mind,” a work in progress“. Embrace the journey and remember that the best is yet to come. Just keep moving forward.


We all stumble and fall,we all make mistakes at some point in our journey on the road to health and fitness. We wouldn't be human if we didn't. When you do, get back up and continue on. You weren't meant to fail, you were meant to succeed. Take the word “Failure” right out of your vocabulary. Stand up when you fall and continue on the path you know you were meant to be. There is greatness inside each and every one of us. Look deep inside yourself and find it, it's there if you just search for it.

I'd like to close with this final thought on the subject of failure,and this just about sums it up. The ONLY way you can fail in this journey or any other endeavor, is to just plain give up. So wherever you find yourself in any aspect of your life, NEVER EVER GIVE UP! Till next time, God Bless!


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