Well, finally finding time to sit down and compose a new blog post for you, my readers. I apologize for such a long time between posts. Still trying to get my life back on track with my recovery from my foot injury. I'm titling this post,” It's Never Too Late To Start Over” and starting over is exactly what I am presently doing. So let's get my fashion section over and get down to business.




This is one of my favorite dresses. Everything about it speaks to me. I love the style, the bold floral design and the gorgeous color's. The accessories are perfect. This awesome shrug was given to me by a friend when we visited them last year in W. Virginia and these cute Royal Blue flats couldn't be a more perfect match. This ensemble was captioned ” In Full Bloom” by Kristi Johansen Santeramo. The three piece jewelry set made by me picks up the main color's of the dress. Putting this ensemble together was a dream. I just love putting all the pieces of a look together. I would love to have a job helping other people do just that.



You can see with this close up of my bracelet, how well the color's complement the dress, along with my Lapis ring and a coordinating FitBit band.




For my BandCuff clasp I chose this bright Royal Blue one. Putting this whole ensemble together to me was so much fun. The process should be fun for everyone. Clothing and everything that putting your attire together entails should make you feel fabulous each and everytime you get ready for your day. Embrace it and see what a difference it makes when you go about your day feeling confident in your appearance, no matter where you are in your journey. It truly makes a difference in how people perceive you and interact with you.

The last piece to this ensemble is this really unique watch , which at first looks like a bracelet. Now take a look at this.

Just turn over the swiveling watch face and there's the watch. And it's real Blue Lapis like the ring I am wearing. So now let's get down to business.

Are you frustrated that you let things get away from you once again? Are you afraid that you can't get your weight loss or weight maintenance plan back on the track that it needs to be? Well I'm here to tell you ” It's Never Too Late To Start Over“, whether it's taking off those extra pounds that seemed to come out of nowhere, or taking on some health issues that are diet related, or restarting your exercise program. I'm personally taking on most of these. Two days ago I seriously restarted my effort to get back to what I call my ” Fighting Weight”. In that effort I need to take off 18 pounds and make sure I can fit in my spring and summer wardrobe. Now that I am starting to recover from my foot and ankle fractures I am finally ready to be serious about every aspect of my journey. I have to be patient with myself when it comes to my workouts. I am frustrated that I have to still deal with pain and swelling for an undetermined time and that I can't do yet what I was able to do before. But I am determined. Once I really put my mind to it there will be no stopping me no matter how long it might take.




I think this describes my situation and probably some of yours to a tee. We're not starting over from scratch. We already have the knowledge we need to succeed in getting to the various goals we have set for ourselves. The setbacks we have on this lifetime journey are just that. Setbacks or what we sometimes think of as failures can be the vehicle that serves to make us stronger, smarter, and wiser. When you feel discouraged or ready to give up, remember these words. “Your Journey Was Just Waiting For You To Find It Again.” Maybe you haven't come to that understanding yet. I finally have arrived at the place where I know I will succeed in getting back to the place I want to be. My journey didn't disappear. It was just waiting for the right time for me to 'Find It Again'. Have you? I did. Make it your time. You won't regret it and you have everything to gain, except unwanted pounds and poorer health.




When you decide to get back to what I'm calling OUR 'Roadtrip In Life ', forget about looking back in that rearview mirror, look only ahead to all the things you need to do on a daily basis to get back on track and move forward. Forget about things you can't change and look forward to the things you can. Think about the future and don't dwell on the past. Life can sometimes get in the way and it usually does when we least expect it. Mine sure did. But I have to forget about the events in my life that I can't control and concentrate on the things I can. Take all the things that come up in your life and use them as learning tools. I believe that the Lord has allowed these things to happen to me this past year to make me stronger and more able to use my experiences, and how I handle them, to help inspire and motivate others who need my help and guidance. If I can be a “Shining Light” to someone out there in need, it is all worth it. Try to remember,some of our biggest failures lead us to our biggest victories. That is how we grow and learn. So don't be afraid of failure, use it to spur you on to your greatest successes. I know I have to be patient with myself as I continue to recover my strength when it comes to my foot. I have to deal with the pain and swelling that comes with it, but in the end I will prevail. I WILL take off this extra 18 pounds. Count on it and I will keep you all informed of my progress. I've got this and so do you. Just believe in yourself. I'd like to close with this.


This can be you and it's going to be me. Take these words and live it daily. You might falter from time to time, but you can always get back up. Remember that always. Till next time, God Bless!!!

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