Welcome to all my Carol's Corner Blog Readers. I appreciate everyone who takes the time to stop here and see what you can find here to assist you in your journey. Each and everyone of you are important to me. This picture was taken outside of where we go dancing. I was SO happy to be able to get back to doing the one thing I truly missed while being laid up with my foot injury. The winner of my captioning contest for this ensemble is Mary-Ellen Miller with,”Reflections Of Style”. That goes quite nicely with this pic. The background totally made it.

The jewelry I wore with this is another creation made by yours truly. It went perfectly with this dress. As you can see, my FitBit is off it's enforced vacation. I still have to work up to what I used to be able to do as my foot still has more healing to do; how long that will be I guess is an unknown. I just have to take one day at a time. At least I am mobile again. This ring is another of my favorites handcrafted from a jewelry artisan I know. It is a real Blue Lapis. The setting is awesome.





Chose the black FitCuff to coordinate with the color's of my dress. I reccomend anyone with a FitBit to invest in some. I have them in many color's. You don't ever have to worry about accidentally losing it off your wrist.

I love this Pearl like watch I found . I looked for something like this for a very long time. I eventually found this in Walmart. After the removable link was taken out it fit my small wrist,which is always a problem.


So for this edition of Carol's Corner I've decided to inform you about my newest walking workout; Jessica Smith's “Walk Off The Weight 30 Day Plan”, a 3 DVD Box set.

This is the outside of the box that contains 3 different DVD's with numerous workouts. Her workouts are excellent and like Leslie you choose what level intensity works for you. Her mother does the low intensity moves and a friend of hers always does the highest intensity. I just started this two days ago so I have only done two so far, but they are excellent.


This is on the back cover of the box that the DVD'S come in. This is the reccomended workouts for all 30 days. I have done the first two days and plan to do the third one when I go home. Decided to hang out at Denny's tonight and write my blog. Hubby brought me and I'll take a taxi home. The overnight server's have missed me. I just sent in the required paperwork from my doctor to try and get my license suspension lifted. Please pray for me concerning this matter.

So let's take each DVD seperately and tell you what each consists of.


This one is the 5 Day Fat Burn; Walk For Fitness, Fat Loss & Health. This could be a stand alone DVD, but when incorporated into this set it is part of a 30 day plan. So let's see what we have in this one.

This DVD consists of two 30 minute workouts and a Bonus Healthy Back 15 minute Workout.

The First 30 minute workout is one I have done already because it is the Day 1 workout in the 30 day Plan. It's called the “HIIT Walk”. I'm sure most everyone knows that HIIT stands for high intensity interval training. Hiit training within a walking based workout gives you the all amazing anti-aging and slimming benefits and burns tons of calories without wearing out your joints.

The second 30 minute workout is called the Toning Walk. I will be doing this one in 2 more days. This is an action packed walk using a resistance band. You pick what type of band you wish to use. I already have a number to choose from. This walk helps you build metabolism boosting lean muscle mass while keeping your heart rate in the cardio zone to continue burning plenty of calories.

The bonus workout is the “The Healthy Back Workout”(15 Minutes). For this all you need is a resistance band and a mat or cushioned surface.




As I said before each of these could operate as a stand alone DVD, but the set is part of a 30 day Walk Off The Weight Plan. This one has 3 Weight Loss Walks and a Bonus Standing Abs Workout. You can also use these walks when you have only a limited amount of time as it consists of 15, 30, and 40 minute Fat Blasting Walks.

First we have the 15 Minute Calorie Blast Walk: This quick but efficient walk uses interval training to rev up your calorie burn in a short amount of time.

Next comes the 30 Minute Fat Blaster Walk: We vary our speed throughout this walk to make the most out of this energy boosting, fat burning half hour.

Then comes the 40-Minute Mega Burn Walk: Want to go the distance? This longer walk helps you burn fat and build a strong level of aerobic fitness with steady state endurance training.

Lastly we have the Bonus Standing Abs Workout( 15 Minutes). This works your core from every angle without ever hitting the floor. Building a stronger waistline of muscles can not only help you appear slimmer and stand taller, it might prevent back pain too. Try this routine up to 3 non-consecutive days a week after any of the workouts.

Now we have the last DVD used in the 30 Day Walk The Weight Off Program: This one is the Major Metabolism Booster, helping you burn more calories around the clock. So let's see what this last DVD consists of.




For this last one we have two 30 Minute Walks and a Bonus 20-Minute Chair Stretch.

The first 30 minute walk is called the Pyramid Power Walk. That is on my schedule for today when I go home. This walk uses fat blasting, intensity peak training to help you burn more calories not only during your workout, but for hours afterward.

The second walk is The Strength Training Interval Walk. I thoroughly reccomend this to anyone looking for a new strength training workout. I did this one the second day of the program using 4 lb weights. Build more metabolically active lean muscle mass with this routine so you'll be burning more calories around the clock, even when you sleep. It reccomended using 3-10 weights (your choice). But don't worry, if you are just starting out, you can also use your body weight to learn and master the moves.

The last thing on this DVD is the Bonus 20-Minute Chair Stretch. Relax and release tight muscles and increase range of motion and flexibility to help improve your overall performance during our walking sessions with this bonus routine. All you need is a sturdy chair and a rolled up towel or block. Add this in after a walk anytime you feel up for it-even daily if you like.

There you have it. I hope you find the description of this workout set helpful and informative. I am using this program daily as well as adding one of my Leslie workouts as my foot allows. This is a well rounded program and I don't think you'll regret adding it to your reprituare. Variety in your workouts is always a useful and helpful way to keep you on the right path and to keep your body guessing. Stay strong, committed and stay moving! Till next time God Bless!

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