Greetings from Carol's Corner. It's the dawn of a new day and time to get our heads in the game. I've been procrastinating and I know it has to stop and that I need to start being more serious with my diet. So let's do this together. I totally love today's ensemble. Wore this the past weekend dancing. Definitely got my swing on which is appropriate because Tiffany Cornish Dujinski titled this, “Gypsy Swing.”

The jewelry I chose is perfect for this ensemble. It is black and antique silver. This is one of my favorite necklaces and earrings; my FitBit band picks up the color of the blouse as well.

Of course, I always have some kind of coordinating clasp cover.


Before I get going on a topic I want to share a victory of sorts. I had a dr's appointment to follow up on my blood work. I was sure it wasn't going to be good, but lo and behold it was excellent. My fasting glucose was 98 and my A1C was 5.9. This was achieved with no medication. I attribute this to my exercise regimen as my diet was far from perfect. She didn't test my cholesterol this time but will at my next blood work in late March. I am beyond happy about this. Thank you Lord.

Is this you? I know it's me right now, not with my exercise, but with my diet. I know I need to get rid of between 7-10 pounds but keep putting off buckling down to do it. Like I said in the beginning, it's time to get our heads in the game, because that is where change starts. Losing weight is as much a mind game as anything else. If you can't get your mind to cooperate with your desires you are fighting a losing battle. It is the daily battle with the mind that can keep us from realizing our goals and dreams. Each of us has to learn how to fight that daily battle to the best of our abilities. Some days we'll win and other days we won't.

Let's try to get out of our comfort zones and try to move forward in this new year to achieve the goals we want for ourselves. We just have to be stronger than those voices in our head that tell us we can't or don't need to do something.



I think this just might be where many of us find ourselves right now. The words above are actually quite powerful and should give us hope. Think and ponder what the words above might mean in your own journey. Do you feel you need to start over? Did you think your journey was over because you have been experiencing major setbacks?

Realize it's never over, it's just waiting patiently till you find your way back. And when you do you will be stronger than before because of everything you have experienced thus far. These experiences will guide you as you rekindle the flames that ignited your passions in the first place. You WILL be stronger this next time around.

When you become discouraged remember the above. Aren't there many battles in our daily lives that have to be fought more than once? To win the war, many have to be fought, and many, more than once. Be prepared for that and realize it's bound to happen. It's all part of the journey.


Make this your mantra. Sear it in your brain. Print this up and put it somewhere to remind yourself of these words when the going gets tough. I might be going through an extended rough patch but I will never give up on myself.

Don't you either. Together and with each other's help we can win the war! Don't ever give up! We can and will live to fight another day and another battle in this crazy journey we find ourselves in the middle of. Stay strong, stay focused and you will reach that finish line. Let's make 2016 be the year we all cross it together. Till next time God Bless.


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