Hello out there in cyberspace. Sorry I had to leave the same post up for so many days. I only planned to have it up for two days but time constraints in getting ready for my trip to my daughter's in Pa. just made it impossible to get a new one going. Not sure yet what I'll be writing about but somehow it always comes to me. So this weekend was dancing weekend all the way. In fact that's where most of my exercise came from. Our satellite receiver decided to take a hike so I couldn't even use my DVD player. So needless to say I couldn't do my Leslie workouts. I'm at my daughter's now and all my workouts are with me . Taking a break today and pressing restart on my workouts sometime Monday. Hopefully the new receiver will have arrived by the time we go home. So now back to my fashion segment. The dress I am wearing here is one of my favorites. It is one of the first dresses I bought when I lost weight. I love everything about it: the beautiful color's and floral print, the really cool sleeves and the short length . It pairs beautifully with my new boots. The whole ensemble just makes me feel young and vibrant and yes, sexy! This senior can still rock it!! The winning entry for naming my ensemble is Stephanie Cook with “Floral Frenzy.”

For my accessories I chose different shades of purples and pinks.

I love pairing the lavender FitBit band with the hot pink BandCuff. And I love my amythyst cocktail ring. I love anything amythyst as that is my birthstone and I love purple! Well that's a whole lot of love right there. LOL!!!

And I always have to have one of my watches from my watch collection.




The above graphic is something we should remember each and every day. We all had a beginning but in this journey there is no end. And through this journey we will go through many ups and downs and many twists and turns. We will have times of victory and times of defeat. But as long as we don't give up, the journey continues.

Understanding that failures are a part of the weight loss journey might actually help you to navigate the many paths you need to travel along the way. There will be times during the process where everything goes according to plan and you think it's a breeze. Then one day it's like you hit a brick wall and nothing goes right. This is when you need to understand it's all a part of the journey. It is these “failures” that will make you stronger and more able to adapt when you think things seem hopeless. It is during these times that you will learn to ride it out until the current storm subsides, and it will, as long as you keep on trying and don't quit.


When you run into what you think of as stumbling blocks on your journey, think of what the above graphic is trying to say to you. It all boils down to how you see things. Will you treat the rough patch you're going through as a stumbling block that will keep you from moving ahead to better days, or will you instead see it as a steppingstone to make some kind of a course correction to right your present path? One way will only lead to negativity and frustration. The other will lead to positive thinking and problem solving. I'm sure you can see which will yield greater successes as you continue on your journey.


I'd like to close with this. Guess I'll label this the three P's. The first one is really important. There is no room for negativity when it comes to the weight loss journey. Of course negativity in anything is not a good thing. It serves no useful purpose in any way. Negativity almost always yields negative results whereas positivity yields positive results most of the time. So try to be positive everyday. Even when you don't feel like it try to find at least one thing to feel positive about. The second “P” is patience. Now we all know how hard it is to be patient. It probably does not come naturally to anyone. But you know that old saying ,” Rome wasn't built in a day”? Well this is especially true when it comes to weight loss. Weight goes on a lot faster than it comes off. Every body is different and you just can't hurry things up because you want to. Work whatever program you are on and learn to be patient along the way . Results will come. The third “P” might just be the most important of all, that is persistence. To find success on the journey to a healthy weight you must be persistant. The “weight game” never stops whether you want to it to or not. That's just the way it is. To stay on top of things you have to be persistant. Believe me I know whereof I speak. I let myself put back on a few pounds, well 10 if I want to be honest with you. My clothes for the most part still fit but I know sooner or later I need to get more serious about getting back to what I call my fighting weight. So wherever you are in the journey start practicing the three “P's”. Remember there is no final destination in the “Weight Journey” and failures are just part of the process. In tough times turn your stumbling blocks into stepping stones along the way to greater successes. And finally practice the three 'P's”. They will serve you well. Till next time, God Bless.


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