Welcome to a new edition of Carol's Corner. Sorry for not being able to put together a new post last night. Had a case of exhaustion and just couldn't do it. So here I am back at it, hoping to inspire and motivate someone who needs it. Everyone seems to be enjoying taking part in naming my ensembles. The winner for this one is Wendy Lawrence with, “It's Hallow-green time.” I thought that was quite clever and paired well with the background of my decorated kitchen. I finally got everything cleaned and decorated for the fall season. After Halloween I will be transitioning to Thanksgiving and then Christmas. Now that one is a multiple day undertaking. Decorating is another of my special talents that the Lord gifted me with and that I love doing. It always makes me feel happy when I complete a decorating season and just sit back and enjoy it




I love my Jet Black Jewelry with this and my lime green polka dotted FitBit band. And the black BandCuff ties it all together.

Tonight I'd like to try and discuss the importance of having self-confidence and good self esteem while on your weight loss journey. The above graphic states the importance of that. When you have low self esteem and no confidence in yourself,it makes it hard to even make the decision to do the things needed to change your life. You tend to tell yourself that changing your life just isn't possible. You think there is nothing you can do or that you just aren't good enough, pretty enough or smart enough. Well I'm telling you right now that you need to chase all those negative thoughts and feelings and erase them from your mind. You are good enough, you are pretty enough and you are smart enough to change your life and be successful in your journey toward good health and fitness. God put you on this earth to be the best person you can be in every part of your life. You deserve it and you can do whatever it takes once you truly believe in yourself.

I like what the above graphic has to say. Try putting this into action. If you feel good about you and stop worrying about others and what they think, you will begin to see the beauty in yourself . Accept yourself, believe in yourself, and nothing can stop you. The only thing that can stop you is YOU.

Think about what this says. It is a very powerful statement. Do you know yourself and what you are capable of? Do you accept yourself? If your answer is no, you need to set out to discover who you really are and when you do, you need to accept who you are . Now you are ready to begin to conquer all the things that are keeping you from realizing your dreams. You can and will be successful once you truly believe in yourself. When you do, nothing and no one can stop you. Remember, it's all there right inside you, ready and waiting. Unleash the power and begin to change your life.

Now I'd like to offer you so some suggestions to improve your confidence in yourself, things that I feel are important in this journey. Start taking special care of your appearance each and every day. No matter where or at what point you are in your journey, it's all the little things you do in that area that will empower you. The next time you leave the house , put on something that really makes you feel good, use some makeup, do something special with your hair; do all the little things that say , ” I take pride in my appearance, I am worth it.” It makes such a difference in how you feel about yourself and also how others perceive and interact with you. I suggest that you start trying to do these things every day for a week and see how this makes you feel . Do you have more confidence? Are people interacting with you differently? I am willing to bet that your answer will be yes on both accounts. And when you do this it will become second nature. Try it and see.

I'd like to close with this. Find your confidence . Show it proudly every day. People will see the difference in you and want the same thing for themself. Having good self-esteem and confidence in yourself makes all the difference. You have everything right there inside yourself to be successful in the journey that your are presently on.

Have faith in yourself and what you are capable of and most importantly, never ever give up. Till next time, God Bless.


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