Welcome to another new day in Carol’s Corner. Had a pretty exhausting day. I’ve actually only slept about 2 hours in the last 48. I think tomorrow might have to be a crash day. Had a craft fair with my mom today. Since business was just horrendous this past year this is only the second event of the year that I have participated in. I decided to discount my prices for everything. By doing that I was able to sell $95 worth of merchandise. At least that made it not a wasted day. Well I ended up crashing and had to postpone finishing this till today (Sunday) so got to get my train of thought going again. Been having fun with having other people name my outfits. The winner for this one is,”Peaceful Evening.”




I love the jewelry I chose for this ensemble. I got the gorgeous necklace where I get my nails done, and chose the rest of the pieces for added sparkle. My ring is another from the jewelry artisan I get custom designed rings from.



And my FitBit combo goes perfectly with my dress.


Here’s another beautiful watch from my watch collection.

Well the blog tonight is going to be devoted to showcasing “Angel” Gandee, who I helped pick out the whole ensemble to wear to her cousin’s wedding. Might I say we rocked because she looked sensational. I so wish I could do this for a living. I had so much fun. I love being able to create a cohesive look from head to toe, and this one was a resounding success. So let the picture posting begin! We’ll start and build up to the final total look.




First notice the amazing manicure against her dress. Home run or not ladies? Kudo’s to her nail tech. The bracelet was purchased from the Bridal Beautique as well as the dress and the other jewelry you will see.

You will note that the watch is the same one I wore in my picture . It’s not mine but we both decided that this was a perfect fit for the ensemble, and the price was amazing, thanks to Walmart.

Again notice the matching pedicure. So envious that I couldn’t begin to be able to wear this shoe. It has a 2.5-3 inch heel which is an impossibility for me. I have to wear flats. Oh well, such is life.


We’re almost to the final picture. Get ready to get your socks knocked off. You can’t see the earrings but this is the necklace and (earring) set we found to go with the dress; may I say totally a home run? And now for the showstopper as they say in the fashion world!

We made a dynamite shopping duo and I am beyond pleased with the results. Like I said I wish I could do this for a living. So there you have my foree into shopper’s assistant/fashion consultant and I loved EVERY minute of it. I hope you enjoyed this little pictorial. Next time you have a special event take the time to create a special look from head to toe. Consider every little detail. Remember accessories can make the look. When you spend the time thinking about every aspect of the ensemble, the results are so worth it. Just ask Angel, I’m quite sure she’ll agree. Till next time, God Bless.


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