Welcome back to Carol's Corner. Sorry I didn't have something new for you yesterday, but my body and mind just wouldn't cooperate, so I listened to what they were telling me and got some much needed rest. Well today, I enlisted all the groups I'm part of to help me name this outfit. I kind of had a mental block. Well I got that in record time. Thanks for the suggestions. The winner is, “Rooten Tooten Raspberry.” Thanks! Awesome suggestion!




All my accessories today are either in a type of Silver tone or Navy and Fuschia tones. My ring is one of my favorites. I was so lucky that I was able to have this ring made by a jewelry artisan. It's an extremely hard color to get jewelry in. My FitBit combo is Navy and Fuschia.



This is a new watch that I got recently and was a perfect match to the bracelet seen above. I love watches that look like a piece of jewelry. I got it for a really cheap price too, so that was even better.



Are you tempted? Aren't we all at some time in our journey? It's easy to get discouraged. It comes with the territory. Let's face it. This journey is hard no matter what phase of it we find ourselves. I am still struggling to get my eating back on track. I guess you could say I'm in kind of a holding pattern. But one thing I do know is that I will never give up and neither should you. There is no shame in going through struggles and setbacks.




When we begin to feel hopeless or defeated we need to remember that it is only temporary. It never has to be a permanent thing unless we make it so. During our journey, (remember there is no expiration date) we go through easy times and hard times. We'll have ups and we'll have downs. We'll have highs and we'll have lows. Expect both and mentally plan for the times when things get rough. If we mentally prepare ourselves for when the tough times come we won't even think of giving up. We will instinctively know that we just have to perservere till we come out on the other side.





So many times people give up on things before they ever have the chance to succeed. If they had only kept going, success might have been right around the corner. The weight loss and fitness journey is a lifelong endeavor and we must view it as such. We have to know that we will go through struggles, but we don't have to give up when we do, we just have to ride them out.

We all stumble. We all go through rough patches. It's the nature of the beast. It is what we do, when we do, that defines us. Do we pack it in and say I Quit, or do we dust ourselves off and keep on going? What happened yesterday or last week doesn't matter. Forget yesterday. Every day is a new opportunity to get things right. And if you don't get it right today there is still tomorrow. The only time that you can be defeated is when you decide to quit. Don't be that person. Resolve to start over and keep on going.


I'd like to close with this. Make these words your daily mantra. Whenever you feel like you just can't do it anymore, just put on your fighting gloves and repeat after me, “I will persist until I succeed.” Have faith in yourself and remember, don't ever ever give up. Till next time, God Bless.



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