Hello out there! Welcome back. It looks like today was the last day of our hot streak here in Central New York. Another beautiful background for today's picture. I'm gonna be sad when I can't use them anymore. Love this outfit. It's so bright and cheery and the top is a unique design which I totally dig, in fact I have this in two color combo's. Calling this,” Sunshine Girl.”

My ring is a delicate 24k gold one that is part of a set my hubby got on a layover in Turkey on one of his overseas tours for The Army Corp Of Engineers. The FitBit Combo I chose goes perfectly with this outfit. Oh and this is my new manicure. It's totally awesome.

This is another watch in my watch collection,a two tone one that goes nicely with this ensemble.

My blog is going to be a little different tonight. And I have a fun thing to share during it. I'd like to start by asking you a question? Do you know what your talents are? Are you using them? Are there things you are passionate about? Everyone on this earth has some kind of God given talent. Finding what they are and finding ways to use them can give your life purpose and a sense of joy that you might not have felt before. That is what my journey here has done for me. Yesterday I was able to use one of my talents in a really fun and enjoyable way, but also a fulfilling one. All of you by now have to know that I love fashion and everything that entails. I have a talent of finding all the right things and putting them together to make the whole package. I have always said my dream job would be to be someone's personal shopper or shopper's assistant. Well I got the chance to see just how well I could do that yesterday. One of my member's in my Facebook group, “Carol's Inspiration Station” is a server at Denny's where I sit and write my blog most nights; Angelica Gandee aka Angel. She mentioned to me that she had to go to Ohio for her cousin's wedding and had to get something to wear. She doesn't have a car or drive, so I said I could take her to the mall in Ithaca to a Bridal and Dress shop called Dressella's that had recently opened there, to help her find something. We also decided to make a day of it and do dinner and a movie too. Well we had an amazing time and found EVERYTHING in only about an hour and a half except for one item we got at Walmart when we got back to Cortland. I am going to post pictures of each piece and you will be able to see Angel in the entire ensemble after she comes home. I told her she has to get tons of pictures. We'll start with the dress. Besides the dress being amazing the deal she got was even more amazing. Get this, a $200 dress for $50, so here's the dress. She didn't want to chance getting something on it, so you'll have to see it through the plastic.

It's strapless and fits perfectly. You'll see how beautiful it is when you get to see her in it. As soon as she put it on and I saw it, we both knew immediately that it was the one. Next, we found all the jewelry there also, again for a fabulous price.

The necklace and earrings are beautiful but the colors don't show up well in the picture. All the marquis shaped stones are a shade of green that goes perfectly with the dress. As soon as I spotted it I knew it was a winner.

This is the bracelet which goes very nicely with the other pieces.

We found the shoes at The Shoe Department. Now these I'm envious of because I couldn't wear these if my life depended on it. They have a 2.5 – 3 inch heel. They're going to be gorgeous with the dress, especially with the pedicure she is going to have.

At Bonton we found her strapless undergarment and this clutch purse. The last piece of the ensemble had to be a fancy watch. Her FitBit watch just wouldn't cut it with this fancy ensemble, so on the way home we picked this up at Walmart. I actually have the same one that I bought recently.

It also comes with a bracelet that she can use at a later date. This whole experience was amazing and so much fun. We were totally in sync the whole time and I never had to try and convince her of anything. And even more amazing ladies is that I helped her get an incredible ensemble for the wedding she is going to next week and never even bought a single thing for myself. LOL!!! I so could rock a job like this. Stay tuned to the end of next week so you can see how it all came together. To have a talent and be able to use it to help someone else and have a blast at the same time is a real blessing.

My journey started with a health issue that lead me to lose weight and get fit. Along the way many things transpired that took me step by step to where I am now. I have been able to use the gifts the Lord has given me, and have been able to use them in a more powerful, meaningful, and fulfilling way than I ever thought possible. People sometimes ask me if I get paid to do this. I always tell them no, I do it because I love being able to help and inspire people. I do it because it has given me a purpose that I never had before and I love EVERY second of it. To know that I can inspire and motivate people all over the globe is mind boggling to me. I wouldn't trade this feeling for anything. Find something that excites you and gives your life purpose. It will change you, it has me.

I finally found my why. Have you found yours? Till next time, God Bless.


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