Welcome to Saturday Night in Carol's Corner. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend, but still being productive. It was a pretty nice day here in Central New York and guess we're gonna have somewhat of a heatwave this week. Tonight was dance night and I always love to dress up for it, and for those who think I never wear anything twice, I have worn this numerous times and love everything about it. The pictures taken outside of the place we go dancing always make a beautiful backdrop for my pictures. I have to take advantage of it before winter begins again for another year. I wore totally new jewelry this time and thing it looks pretty awesome. Calling this,” Sophisticated.” I think that pretty well describes it.

I was ecstatic when I found this watch and it could fit my tiny wrist. It came with a bracelet too but I wore another one that you will see in the next picture.

I went with this white ring that I had made by a jewelry artisan. I own six rings that she has made for me, all custom made.

My polka dotted FitBit band and Royal Blue BandCuff complete the look along with my matching shoes, also a favorite of mine.

I'd like to start off today's discussion using the above graphic. As relate's to your journey, do any of these statements ring a bell? Have you voiced any of these? Let's take them one by one. I am willing to bet that “I can't do it” is the number 1 reason people give for either not starting the journey or giving up somewhere between the time they actually began it and before they achieved the success they might have achieved, had they just kept on plugging away. When you voice the words “I can't do it”, you are already defeated. You need to get out of the negative mindset and turn it around to a positive one. Instead of saying ” I can't”, sit down and brainstorm all the ways that show you that you can. You'll surprise yourself when you start thinking differently. I personally am going through a struggle with getting back on track, but it isn't because I'm saying I can't, I know I can. I just have to get serious about doing it.

The next one on this graphic is “I'm not worthy.” If you feel this,I'm here to tell you EVERYONE IS WORTHY. Every human being has worth and deserves to be healthy and happy. If there are people in your life that are making you feel that way, you need to either rid them from your life if they're not family, or find ways to tune them out if they are. Don't let other people make you believe that you're not,because it just isn't true.

Now we come to the next one,”I must be perfect.” Well first of all, who do you even know who is perfect in any way? No one is perfect 24/7 no matter what they are undertaking. It's pretty ridiculous to think that you could be in the first place, even if you tried. So stop worrying about being perfect, just start doing.

Now we come to,” I must not make a mistake.” Another ridiculous notion. Do you know anyone who doesn't EVER? I imagine that you don't and neither do I. So stop worrying about perfection and do the best you can do. No one can ask for more than that.

Then we have,” I'm not good enough.” Well who is to say what “good enough” is? It's all relative. All you really need to do is make the effort, do the best you can and “good enough” will take care of itself. Again stop worrying and just “DO.”

And lastly we have,” Nobody loves me.” First of all it is hard for me to fathom that there is no one in your life that loves you. There must be someone. And I'm here to tell you, your Heavenly Father loves you and wants the best for you in every way. Count on it and believe it.

Start taking every negative thought and feeling and turn it around with positive ones. As I have said so many times recently, negative thoughts and feelings yield negative results. Start changing them to positive ones and you will be amazed the difference that it will make.

And so we will close with this. Sure parts of our journey are physical, but it is our mind that really holds the key to our biggest successes. We can let it defeat us or we can use it to help us achieve all our hopes and dreams. How will you use it? Train it well and use it wisely. Till next time, God Bless!

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