Welcome to my corner of the blogosphere, the one I call Carol’s Corner. I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s feature story. I should have a few more in the near future. Hubby blurred my pictures a little but guess they’re ok. Went real casual today. Wore my cute canvas flats instead of my sandals this time. My blouse has a lavender lacy inset in the back so I wore my lavender Cami Shaper underneath. I rarely wear a regular bra unless it requires a strapless. The shapers are so comfortable and versatile. I have every color they own.

I love this flowered FitBit band. My peach jewelry is perfect and it really dresses the outfit up. The necklace is unique and quite beautiful. It is one I designed and made some time ago.

I always show my BandCuff combo. If you wear a FitBit Flex I consider it a necessity and it’s fun making different color combos with it.

Take this at face value. Is this YOU?What are you waiting for? Are you afraid you’ll fail? Do you think it is just going to be too hard? Do you let other’s influence you too much? Well consider this the sign you’re waiting for? Stop procrastinating and start doing. I was procrastinating on getting this blog started tonight. I finally told myself I just had to start doing, and believe me this has turned out to have been a greater struggle than I had anticipated. Everything has gone wrong. I was way further along when I lost everything. Now some would take that as a sign that this wasn’t just meant to happen tonight. I prefer to take it as a sign on what it means to persevere when the going gets tough. I also have been procrastinating about getting back off that 8.4 pounds that I recently refound. My clothes still fit and I exercise religiously, but at some point I know I have to get serious about getting it back down to where I feel the most comfortable even though people said I was getting too thin. If you’ve been waiting for a sign consider this to be it.

There are so many times in our journey that we know what we need to do, but we let things and circumstances and people get in the way of doing what we know needs to be done. Stop and think about things. Are you holding yourself back? If you find that is the case, you need to block everything that you think is keeping you from doing what you need to and get out of your own way. Now just do it.

Stop thinking in the negative and start thinking in the positive. Take the above examples. Instead of thinking that the things you need to do on your journey to a healthy weight and body are impossible, start thinking off all the ways you can make it possible. When you start thinking this way you will discover a whole new way of looking at things and that could change everything. The same goes for the second example. How many times do you find yourself saying you are unable to do something? Probably more times than any of us would like to admit. Start training your mind to stop thinking in the negative and start thinking of all the ways you can train your mind to change those negatives into positives. Before you know it, everything you said you were unable to do, you will then find you are more than able.

I’d like to close with this. Read these words. Commit them to memory. Keep them close to your heart. Don’t ever forget them. God means for you to be the best you can be and with his help, and those who are on this journey with you, you can and will achieve all your dreams and goals. Till next time, God Bless.


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