Welcome to a new day in Carol's Corner. We head back home tomorrow. Today we ate lunch at a popular seasonal eating establishment called Cappie's. We took today's picture outside by their beautiful flower boxes. I told them this was going to be my blog picture and shown in my groups. They loved it. The picture came out beautiful I thought. The colors of the flowers are picture perfect. Calling this,” Snakeskin Beauty.” Went all black with my accessories except for my silver sandals. Love them.

The FitBit band I normally would have worn with this broke in half and haven't figured out if I can super glue it back together, so had to go with this one.


I have one more picture to share . I got a new pair of workout pants today. I saw them in our Walmarts at home and they didn't have my size, just about everything but. Went to the Walmart in Amsterdam while we're here and lo and behold they had ONE pair in my size.


I am in love with these pants. They fit and feel great. The colors are fabulous. I have Cami Shapers in three different colors that go with them and two pairs of sneakers. They are totally awesome. If I had to name this I think I would call this,” Rainbow Bright.”


Where are you on your journey? Are there times when you feel that there is no hope of ever achieving success?Are you ready to give up? Is your mind telling you one thing and your heart another? Stop and focus on all the reasons you started on your journey to begin with. Just because you feel like your failing doesn't mean that you are! The success that you crave could be right around the corner and you would never know that,if you gave up too soon.

Everyone who has embarked on the journey towards a healthy weight and a healthy body has days they just want to pack it in and give up the fight. The secret is to not succumb to these feelings, but to keep pushing till you come out the other side. Feelings are just feelings and they can change just like the wind. You have to be stronger than the voices that are telling you to give up. Print out the above graphic and put it where you can see it every day. Sear it in your brain. When your having a bad day repeat these words to yourself and keep on going.

What an important concept to keep in mind as we go along in whatever phase of the journey we find ourselves. All the frustrations we might feel today or tomorrow or next week, they will all be forgotten if we continue on and see our goals come to fruition. Nothing tastes or feels as good as success and no one can take it away from you.

I'd like to close with this. Read it, ponder it, and put it in practice. Till next time, God Bless.

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