Welcome to another edition of Carol’s Corner. Pull up a chair, grab your favorite drink and let’s hang out. Have a number of pictures today. I love,love,love this dress. I have this same dress in another totally different print and color combination. Originally it was a longer length which only made it feel matronly and you must know by now that is assuredly not me. So I had my mom shorten both of them to the current length. I totally love it at this length. It has a much younger feel to it now.

Just had to show this close up of the earrings I found the other day in Target. There couldn’t be a better match for this dress if I had tried. They’re just gorgeous and on sale to boot. They only cost me $3. Got 2 more pictures yet. Decided to call this ensemble,” Jewel Tones Royalty.”

I opted to go black for the necklace, my fancy FitBit bracelet, my hosiery, and my shoes. And then I had this awesome ring to complete the look. The last picture is kind of fun. We’re at my husband’s family’s farm. He wouldn’t take my other pictures until he took this one with a huge tractor as the backdrop.

Guess it is kind of a cool shot.

Ok what to talk about. Trying to figure that out while getting the other things out of the way.

Just decided. I’m going to concentrate on self esteem and confidence and it’s importance to our journey. So let’s begin the conversation with this.

Take a few minutes and think on the above statements. How can you possibly be successful at anything much less weight loss, if you don’t think you’re worthy; if you don’t believe that you are capable of succeeding? Low self esteem and a low confidence level in yourself are sure killers when it comes to your weight loss journey. It can defeat you before you even get started.

To be successful start changing the way you see yourself. Start by believing you have everything you need to reach all the goals you have set for yourself. It’s all there inside you waiting to get out and show the world just how amazing you are. Every day look in the mirror and see yourself as the lion; powerful and unafraid and ready to take on the world. Believe you are worthy. Visualize yourself the way you want to look and feel when you realize your weight loss and fitness goals. Be CONFIDENT that you’ll reach them. That belief in yourself is what will keep you working toward your goals even through setbacks. You’ll realize it’s no longer a matter of if you’ll reach them, it’s just a matter of when. That realization will help you through any setbacks and struggles you experience along the way.

I totally love what this graphic has to say. The journey we’re on requires hard work, but if we don’t fuel it with belief and confidence in ourselves we are doomed to fail. This journey requires self confidence along with hard work to succeed. Start fueling yours with heavy doses of self confidence and then put in the hard work and that is a recipe for success.

Now this is awesome. Every day look in the mirror and be confident in who you are. You don’t have to be in the final stages of your journey to own that self confidence. Every day clothe yourself in it , Rock it out and own it every step of the way.

I’d like to close with this. Work hard every day in every way. Be confident in your God given abilities. Know your own worth. Believe in yourself, and in so doing you will achieve all the things you dream of. Till next time, God bless.

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