Welcome back to Carol’s Corner. Hope some of you who visited last night or this morning took some time and reread some of my prior posts. I’m really loving everything about today’s look and seems like everyone who saw it also agreed. I just love the soft blend of colors and the drape of the top. It’s just very soothing and pleasing to the eye. I had everything in accessories to blend with it. Calling this ensemble,”Seafoam Waves.”

This jewelry set I made just goes perfectly with it and has a blend of finishes in the beads used.

The FitBit band is one I especially like and the white FitCuff is perfect.

One of my friends said I had to show these awesome sandals and they did go quite well with this outfit. Remember fashion should be an adventure every time you get dressed. Have fun seeing what you can come up with and what makes you feel good wearing it. You’d be amazed how it can make you feel.

Tonight is going to be another feature story. I will be featuring the story of Laura Davis. She is a member of the Leslie Sansone group and now also of my group, “Carol’s Inspiration Station”. I love what she had to say when she introduced herself to the station.

“Hello all!! I am glad to have found this lil group this week. I had told Carol that I have been watching her on Leslie’s page for awhile now. I thought this gal is full of spunk!! I want to be like her when I grow up!! :).”

I must say comments like these always make my day. I’m out to show that you can be young and vibrant and fun at any age. I set out to prove that every single day.

So let’s start out with a side by side picture Laura gave me.

Don’t you just love visuals like this and aren’t they so motivating? One of the first things I notice is the face. In the after pics there is always such a happiness and glow that eminates right through the pictures you see on the page. Here’s more of what Laura has to say:

I hit the big 50 this year, and three days later,AARP, hearing aids, and life insurance fliers found my mail box!!!! LOL…to me age is a number…If I didn’t know my age , would I be acting it?..that’s my newer take on life…

Get such a kick out of this I have to respond. I consider all senior discounts to be one of the few perks to aging. I’ll take a discount anyplace I can get it. And hearing aids , have them because my mom got new ones and I was able to get hers fixed for my hearing for just $150. $7,000 instruments for $150, no better gift ever. Now age is just a number, I totally concur. I proudly say 64 and never been better. So back to Laura’s story.

Growing up as the baby of 5 kids, you know your place…I was overweight my whole life basically. From the 5th grade I was wearing the husky girl sizes. Food was a soother for me growing up. And growing I did…I was over 200 pounds by graduation…and didn’t have self esteem. After finding a man in my life and getting married, I had 2 children and didn’t lose the baby weight either. It wasn’t till 2 1/2 years ago that a friend introduced me to this company where they sell natural supplements and vitamins. I was very skeptical as I’ve tried many a thing, only to have failed. But I said I would try the two week supply she wanted to give me…Well I WAS VERY STUNNED...I had noticed energy the very 1st day, appetite control in 2 days…and I decided to try a one month supply and have been blessed by it, I journaled my way through it..I had frequent headaches ( they went away), constant bleh feeling in gut whether I ate bigger or smaller meals (that went away) time went by and on my routine dr and gyno visits, I had lost a good amount of weight and was taken off some blood pressure meds, some chloresterol meds, and a hormone med.

Laura said her heaviest weight was 226. She’s lost a total of 63 pounds, getting down to 165-170, going from a size 22/24 to size 10/12 depending on the style.. She started in Jaunary 2 years ago and reached her goal in October of that year and been doing pretty good at staying that size. Back to Laura and her story in her words.

I did something I never thought I’d see myself do…run 5ks!!! I would have laughed at you yrs before if you told me that.

Here’s Laura at one of her 5ks holding her before picture.

Continuing with her story, here’s Laura again.

I am blessed to have a hubby who loves exercise and to eat healthy, so I’m not even tempted by his eating decisions as they are always healthy. I have two grown sons and 4 grandchildren..I’m blessed to say I can keep up with them better than my own sons years ago…I love that I can too.

I asked Laura about her exercise routine. During that time of weight loss, she tried getting in exercise daily by walking..sometimes did Leslie DVDs, but mostly outside exercise…she started like 3xs a week at first, but when she saw the ACE supplement working, she got in the daily walks..She also likes to use a weighted hula hoop to do something different at times.

Laura says she recently started the SABA 60 program and dropped off 5 pounds that she gained during the holidays. With the Saba 60 program, there is a plan you follow the first 5 days for a cleansing, then a different food plan for the rest of the 60 days..They have you take your measurements, and document them every 15 days to the 60 days…and at the end you send in your successes to the company and could win up to $2,500.

Here’s a company flier that featured Laura’s success on their program.

Photo of Saba 60, Sixty Days to a New You.

Laura ends with this:

If you want to know more about the supplements I take … I would love to tell you.. as I have loved this product that much ,I do it on the side. What I love when I go to the conventions…how I see the energy and vibrancy of the people increase thru the time that goes by between each one. I have a Facebook page that I would love you to checkout and like.

So that concludes the story of Laura Davis and her own personal journey of weight loss and the road to good health and fitness.

Everyone’s journey takes a different path. But every path can lead to what we all desire , and that is a healthy weight and a fit body ; one that is ready to take on everything the world has to offer. So remember, the journey never ends, it just changes along the way. So get out there and make yourself the star in your own journey. Till next time, God Bless.


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