Welcome back to Carol's Corner. I am kind of exhausted right now. So I think I am just going to post some pictures and ask you to use this time to read some back issues of Carol's Corner. Sometimes it helps to reread things you've read in the past or catch up on ones you might have missed. Tomorrow I will be doing another feature story so stay tuned for that. The picture above is my oldest daughter Stephanie with my youngest granddaughter Caitrin. Isn't she the cutest?

Gotta love this little cutie!

Here's Caitrin and her brother's Owen and Kyle.

Here's my middle daughter Jennifer and my beautiful granddaughter Ariana.

The Grandkids waiting for dinner. Hope you enjoyed the pictures from our day today. Have two other grandsons that are our sons boys but didn't get pics of them today. So take some time and go to the archives and read some of my prior editions and I will be back next time with a feature story for you. Till next time, God bless.

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