Welcome to a new edition of Carol's Corner. I know everyone enjoyed reading the amazing story of Beth's journey, and now I have another incredible story to share with you, so let's get my stuff out of the way. Today we returned home from our 10 day vacation. My picture was taken in front of my daughter's house in Pa. I quite like the way it turned out. The blouse is one of my thrift store purchases from last year. And always love wearing my favorite sandals. Calling this “Peachy Keen”.

I made the jewelry I'm wearing with this outfit and I actually have two different sets to choose from.

And was able to tie in the two colors with my FitBit Combo too.

So now be prepared to be amazed at another remarkable story and transformation. I am so loving doing these feature stories. Tiffany thank you for coming up with this idea and a big thank you to everyone that has participated thus far. This is the story of Judie Orlandino Moffa, one of my member's in Carol's Inspiration Station. Thank you Judie for letting me share your story. We'll start with a few pictures.

The one on the right is Judie. I forgot to ask her, so I don't know who the picture was taken with.

This is Judy and her husband , who you will see is a major part of this story. She said that is when they were at their heaviest. And you will see them recreate their pose as they are now. Before I let Judie tell you her story in her own words here is Judie just this past week.

Awesome transformation right? So here is Judie's story as told by her.

In June of 2013 my husband returned home from the nearby school running track and announced…”We have to do something!” We both knew the combination of stressful jobs, lack of physical activity and unhealthy eating ultimately was going to be the death of us. As with most of us, it all really snuck up on us. My husband was a runner in his youth, always slim, always active. He went for a run that day, made it one lap, and vomited. He knew then we needed to make a change.

I knew I was terribly overweight and unhealthy. But I was ALWAYS fat…close to 200 pounds in high school. But now I was on 2 high-blood pressure medications, a high cholesterol medication, and pre-diabetic medication. I knew he was right, but what were we going to do?

Hubs decided to register for a local 5K race in July…he was confident he could train enough to do it in a month. He turned to me and said “You can walk it…you know how to walk!” Those were pretty fateful words, as it turns out.

We did our 5K (above) –I was 250+ lbs, had a blister, bled through my sneaker, was in pain, but finished in just under an hour and burst into tears as I crossed the finish line. And I was ELATED…I loved the atmosphere, I loved the idea that I could actually participate in a healthy endeavor just by walking. So all summer, walking was where it was at for me. Then October in NYC arrived…what was I going to do? I just couldn't bear walking in the cold. Off to google, and there she was…Leslie Sansone and a Walk At Home program. Could this possibly work? With a shrug and ” I've spent $10 on worse stuff,” I ordered my first DVD-“5 Fat Burning Miles.” I tried it…I could DO this! I even LIKED it! Amazing…and I did it every day …and the weight started to come off. ( this is one of my favorite workouts, I do it almost every day)

We started to eat better–less ordering out, more home cooking, more fruits, more vegetables, whole grains. Very ,very gradually everything began to change, and the results were amazing. I was doing Leslie workouts daily, eating better, losing the weight, my body was changing, and best of all I was ENJOYING it…I was hooked.

In the past two years, the changes for both of have been phenomenal. We moved to Florida, I retired, my husband now works from our home…but the biggest changes have been in our health and well-being. Hubs has lost 70 lbs. and regularly runs, bikes and goes to boot camp workouts. I have lost 110+ lbs., am off ALL medications, and have never been happier or healthier in my life. Look at the difference in our last 5K race pictures from this past Memorial Day.

I still workout with Leslie DVDs 4-5 times a week, along with outdoor walking, but now go to our community gym and attend personal training sessions with hub's bootcamp coach twice a week. I am doing things that I never thought I'd be able to do (and never had the confidence to even try!), and I seriously owe it all to Leslie Sansone. Without her positive, uplifting, do-able exercise routines, I would never have been able to take the weight off–and I know, because I've tried SO many other “diets,” fads, pills, etc. and always gave up on them and/or put the weight right back on. This is something I know I will be able to keep doing for a lifetime!

We recreated the pose from Disney, taken three years ago (pictured above) on our trip last month.

Don't let anyone tell you it's ever too late…it took me until I was 52 to start and at almost 54, I am the best me I have ever been.

So there you have it. Another amazing transformation. I would like to reiterate Judie's last point. It is NEVER TOO LATE . Remember that. I am another living breathing example of that. Thank you again Judie for allowing me to tell your story here on my blog. The features I've been doing here can help so many people . I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy bringing them to you. May they be the inspiration you're seeking. Till next time, God Bless.


One thought on “CAROL’S CORNER

  1. Another great inspirational story! It’s never too late. I was 49 when I decided to get healthy three years ago. Never give up.


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