Re Blogging this one on choosing the right exercise shoe. Still exhausted from our travels. Probably going to have to reblog for ine more night and will try to figure out a new topic to pursue Sunday night.

Carol's Corner

They’ll take three measurements– not just one–on the metal plate known as a Brannock Device that we’ve all seen in shoe stores.

” You’ll need to know not just length but also width and arch length,”Puleo says. “All three of these numbers together determine what size you should wear. And each shoe can be cut a little differently– a 10 and a half isn’t a universal 10 and a half in all shoes–so they’ll start with a number and work from there”.

A good athletic shoe specialty store will also have a liberal return policy–so ask. Some may permit you to return shoes if you’ve only worn them indoors, not outdoors.

So there you have it, the scoop on everything you should know about choosing a shoe that will be right for you and the purpose you’re using them for. I hope you will find this useful and beneficial to…

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