Welcome back to my corner of the blogosphere. Well I refuse to let this Central New York weather get me down, hence I wanted to look as cheerful as possible. When I wear this outfit, it makes me think of an ice cream sundae. So the name I came up with for this ensemble is “Savanna Peach Royale”. I also change it up by adding a beautiful coordinating topper below.

There is alway's a need to have something you can throw over your outfit when you're in a place that's a little too cool. And this piece ties all the shades of the top together.

Love this FitBit band and the beautiful Vera Bradley bracelet I received from my daughter.

Even the FitCuff ties things together.

So tonight we go through the second half of the 18 tips on keeping a stable steady blood sugar level.


Have half a grapefruit with breakfast tomorrow. American researchers asked 50 obese patients to eat half a grapefruit with each meal for 12 weeks and compared them to a group who didn't eat any. The patients who ate the grapefruit lost an average of 3.6 pounds. They also had lower levels of insulin and glucose after each meal, suggesting a more efficient sugar metabolism. Make sure you check with your doctor to make sure you aren't on any medications that grapefruit has an effect on how it is processed in the liver.


Add at least one day a week of resistance training. You'll build more muscle than you will with walking, and the more muscle mass you have, the more efficiently your body burns glucose and the less that hangs around in the blood.


If you can't resist that piece of cake, have a cup of decaffeinated coffee with it. British researchers found that combining decaf with simple sugars ( such as those in donuts , cakes, and cookies) reduces the rise in blood sugar that such sweet things create. Standard coffee didn't have the same benefit. The reason? While plant chemicals in coffee slow the rate at which your intestines absorb sugar, caffeine delay's sugar's arrival in the muscles, keeping it in the bloodstream for longer.


Prepare your breakfast,lunch,and dinner, but then divide each meal in half. Eat half now and then the other half in a couple of hours. Eating several small meals instead of three large meals helps to avoid the major influx of glucose, that in turn, results in a blood sugar surge and a big release of insulin.


Don't skip a meal. You're blood sugar drops like a rock when you're starving (hence the headache and shakiness). Then when you do eat, you flood your system with glucose, forcing your pancreas to release more insulin creating a dangerous cycle.


Go to bed at 10 p.m., wake up at 6 a.m. Adjust the hours accordingly so that your're always getting a consistent 8 hours. Numerous studies find that sleep deprivation has a dramatic effect on your blood sugar and insulin levels. Talk with your health care provider about any sleep issues you may have.


Ask your partner if you snore. Harvard researchers found that women who snored were more than twice as likely to develop diabetes than those who didn't– regardless of weight, smoking history, or family history of diabetes. If you do snore, see your doctor. You may have a physical problem, or you may just need to lose some weight and change the way you sleep.

17.) RELAX

Spend 10 minutes a day tensing then relaxing each muscle in your body, from your toes to your eyes. The technique is called progressive muscle relaxation, and a study of 100 people with high blood sugar levels found that this kind of stress-relief significantly improved their blood sugar levels.


Eat half a cup of beans a day. These high fiber foods take longer to digest, so they reduce their glucose more slowly. Studies find that just 75g (half a cup) a day can stabilize blood sugar and insulin levels.

19.) GO NUTS

Sprinkle a few walnuts over your salad. Walnuts are great sources of monounsaturated fats, which won't raise your bloods sugars as many other foods do. And some researchers suspect that this fat , even makes cells more sensitive to insulin, helping to combat high blood sugar.

So there you have it. Two days worth of useful tips to help keep your blood sugars in line. Some I found to be pretty interesting. As someone who already developed Type 2 Diabetes, it's too bad I hadn't paid more attention earlier. I hope over the past two days you have found some helpful information. Remember that prevention is always the best way to go and as I often say ” Knowledge Is Power”. The weekend is kicking into high gear. Whatever your plans may be , get out there and move. I leave you with this.

Truer word were never spoken when it comes to champions. Decide you're gonna be a champion. Till next time, God Bless.


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  1. Hello my beautiful Angel. You give so meny people hope to carry a heavy load an get red of it. As you see I’m back . I’m so sorry I haven’t. Blood p. AFlib Ben out of sight. An the eyes have Ben where reading was hard. I have Ben walking a mile too times a week. Have you thought of making taps . Please don’t miss understand me. Your great the way your are. Would love to hear your message from your sweet voice an mind. Will God’s blessings. Love .Angels on an Angels shoulder.


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