Welcome back to what I hope will be another informative session here at Carol’s Corner. First we’ll start with my picture for the day. Thought we were going dancing tonight , so I got out this beautiful blouse I hadn’t worn yet. Turns out the band is only every other Friday for the next six weeks. I was all pumped, because my hubby was laid up the last couple weeks , and there was no dancing. But never fear, tomorrow night we’ll be dancing for sure. Love everything about this outfit. Love the added bling on the blouse, and the color is divine. Had all the right accessories right down to the awesome FitBit band. Posting a hand/arm pic below.. Can’t believe I actually took this one myself. I usually have trouble with that. Proud of myself. Here’s the second pic.

Before we get down to business, just letting you know, I took a major splurge day in both calories and sugar. We’ll see how bad I have to pay for that tomorrow. Well technically it already is, but you guys know my hours aren’t everyone else’s typical ones. For sure I have to do an hour workout when I go home and before I go to bed. Good thing it’s Saturday night dancing, coming up. So now let’s get started. I’d love to know if any of you took the Digestive Quiz. I am going to put the link in again because I want you to read some of what it says there; especially what they say a healthy digestive system should look like. So read that section. But now we are going to concentrate on what you can do to improve digestion. You can also find that information there. Step one is removing allergic foods if you think that might be a problem for you. The usual suspects are wheat, dairy, corn, and eggs. They say here, after two weeks to reintroduce them one by one . If you find your digestion going downhill, you have found your culprit. Suggestion # 2 is to include a non-psyllium fiber supplement in your smoothies or a large glass of water twice daily. Next I am including a link to an article on choosing fiber rich foods to reduce belly bloating. Suggestion # 3 is threefold. Add these must- have supplements for digestive health. Supplement # 1, A Probiotic . Everyone can benefit from the use of a probiotic for digestive health, regular bowel function, and immunity. Look for one that contains 10-15 billion cells per capsule. For quite some time I have taken the Phillips Probiotic for Colon Health. I’ve never read the label to know about the cell count thing though They say to take it on rising in the morning. I don’t actually follow that either, but do take one a day. Supplement # 2, Magnesium Citrate or Glycinate. This supplement can encourage bowel movements because it is a natural muscle relaxant. Take 200-800 mgs per day , normally at bedtime. Start with a low dose and increase gradually. Supplement # 3, Essential Fatty Acids. These help lubricate the bowel. (This sounds like something I need) If you choose the liquid form, 1 Tbs per day is sufficient. If you choose capsules, take 2-4 capsules per day with food. Suggested brands are: Udo’s Choice, Essential Balance, Nordic Naturals, Carlson, Nutra Sea , or Clear Omega. Liquid forms should be kept in the freezer. If you find the capsules “repeat”, put the bottle in the freezer and take with meals, or try an enteric coated formula. With these simple tips, your belly should be happy in no time. I think we will conclude the health portion for today. There is so much more to cover, but I think it needs to be done in small segments. We will next be covering the immune system or more if time allows. Hope everyone is keeping up with their exercise regime. This is really important for me now, as it helps with maintenance as well as my blood sugar. Almost afraid to test it tonight, but will do it anyway after my workout. I keep hoping that I can resolve this foreign language thing that is plaguing some of my readers. I wish I could do more to figure this out. I guess for now I’ll just ask for your prayers in the matter. Remember, if there’s anything you need, message me on Messenger. It’s officially the weekend. Have a great one, but also a healthy and productive one. Don’t forget that every day is a new beginning. Make the most of it. You have the power to realize the new you, that you’d like to be. Make 2015 that year!!! Till next time, God Bless.



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