Hello out there in the blogosphere. Not sure how long today's discussion will be , because of some issues that came up during the course of the day , and I have spent hours trying to figure out a rather bizarre occurance. I'll get to that in a minute. My waitress in Denny's, where I sit and work on my blog most nights, took today's picture for me. It was one of those days where my husband and I hardly crossed paths. Either he wasn't home, or I wasn't. Hence a different photographer. The background made a really cool contrast of colors, don't you think? This beautiful sweater is another of my thrift store finds from Saturday's shopping trip there. It is such a divine color. Notice my practically matching shoes? Had them already, as well as the jewelry. And I love how I am now able to make my FitBit into a real fashion accessory . The thing that drew me to this sweater, besides the color, is the intriguing design in the neck area. Totally cool. And the best part, the price tag- $2.50 . Can't get much better than that. Now onto my bizarre day. The whole thing started when my cousin Chrissy, sent me a message. She said when she tried to go to my blog today, it showed up in some foreign language. This happened through her e-mail link, my link I posted on Facebook and on both her browsers. Now I wasn't able to make it happen in any location for me. Then I found that this also occurred with some others, but mind you not all. I started posting in my two Facebook walk groups, to see if I could find out anything, and had some back and forth conversations there. From those conversations I have been able to deduce the following. It is only happening with persons who are using either Google Chrome or Internet Explorer as their browser. Since this only started today, there must be some kind of major issue happening with both of them. I suggested the following things be tried. Go to each browser and first find the language settings, and make sure it's still set to English. I googled some things and found this kind of thing has happened before. The next steps I suggested is to clear the browser history , the cache, and the cookies. If this does not clear up the issue, I think customer support for the browsers will have to be contacted. It's taken me many hours to come up with these conclusions. Oh the fun we sometimes have in cyberspace. Because of this time consuming task I think I will just have to resume our previous discussion tomorrow, and hope these issues resolve themselves. I hope that I have in some way helped get this bizarre instance figured out. Anyone who knows me, knows how stubborn I am when I'm trying to take care of something that has me stumped. I still use my late grandmother's old saying,”Where there's a will, there's a way”. In trying to finish this post I thought I lost everything, and somehow got most of it back. With everything that has transpired thus far, I've concluded that the Lord wanted my subject today to be on persistance and never giving up. Well it was after I wrote that last sentence, that I thought I lost the entire post I' ve been writing , and thought I was going to have to concede defeat for the night. ( well it's morning now) I'm thinking,” Lord are you laughing at me right now” ? “Is this some kind of a cruel joke” ? And just as I was about to give up, I was able to get all but a couple sentences back. I'm still not quite sure how I did it , but I did it, guess that's all that matters. As they say, ” The Lord works in mysterious ways ” and that couldn't be more true tonight. This is what I'm supposed to be instilling in all who read this blog. Persistance matters. It will yield positive results. When it looks like all is lost, everything can turn around in an instant. When things seem to be hopeless, they're not. Success could be just around the corner . If I had given in to my despair at working all these hours, and seeming to have nothing to show for it, if I had given up, I wouldn't be able to give you this one valuable lesson. Look at the big picture . Don't look at the snapshot of just one day, or even one week. Look down the road. Look to the day when you will finally see all your hard work, all your sacrifices, all the difficult times , finally come to the place of your greatest success. You can't reach that day without persistance, perseverance, hard work, or belief in yourself. Don't ever look back, just keep moving forward, and the day will come when you realize your greatest success. 2015 is going to be that year. Till next time, God Bless!!!

One thought on “CAROL’S CORNER

  1. This is a really good message. Persistence pays off. I enjoyed reading it. Thanks again. Love your outfit and shoes!


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