Welcome back. Carol's corner is getting a really late start, so we'll just have to see how much I'm able to cover. I'm trying to multi task right now. We have a dish to pass dinner at church. I have Onion Cheese Bread in the bread oven. Trying to put this issue into print and still have to make the Green Rice Casserole before I try to catch a couple hours sleep. Oh, and forgot I still have to do another run through of the song I'm singing for church . Just thinking of all I still have to do , is making me feel exhausted. Gonna be interesting. My picture is at a TV station where my husband's nephew's polka band was filming a spot for a show called Let's Polka. We got to dance and everything. It was pretty cool. Hope you all had a fantastic Saturday. Now let's continue with the next diet personality. Type # 2 is the serial snacker. You could be any number of things: a stay at home mom with three young kids, you could have a job that puts you on the road for a good portion of the day, or the office manager of a whole group of type A women. You're just screaming for help with your diet. You either hate to cook , or you just plain don't have the time to sit down to three square meals a day. Your day seems to be filled with endless snack foods, usually the unhealthy variety. If you finally sit down to a meal, you're already too full from all the snacks you consumed during the course of the day, and don't even think about what your body actually needs. And then later on, it's snack time again. Do you choose to do something healthy like heating up some left over vegetables? No, you just grab whatever is easy and pop it in your mouth, right? Does this scenario sound like you? Well let's see what they suggest if you're the serial snacker personality. So what is your ideal diet plan? Well they say here that serial snackers eat out of habit, not hunger. And they almost always choose what is easily accessible. What is their weight loss solution? Put healthy foods like fruit, vegetables , and whole grains in prominent positions , and hide all the things like brownies and cookies and such , in opaque containers to the back of your cupboards where they will be hard to locate. Try chewing gum or long lasting mints as a distraction from eating snacks. Keep extra bottles or pitchers of water handy, to stay hydrated and as a way to stay away from the unhealthy snacks you usually indulge in. Don't ever bring a whole package of food with you to your desk or on the couch. You'll completely lose track of how much you've eaten and will probably polish off the whole thing without even thinking. Always take a smaller portion than you think you need, and try serving it on a pretty plate. If you are the mindless eater/serial snacker you need to keep healthy easily accessible snacks and drinks always within easy reach , in the places you usually find yourself grabbing something, just to put in your mouth. And when you find yourself reaching for food, stop and think about what it is you're actually thinking of putting in said mouth. As in almost everything,proper planning will save you a lot of headaches down the road. Well my multi tasking is paying off. My bread is out of the bread oven, the casserole is baking in the regular oven, and this blog is almost finished. After that I'll run through my song, and possibly do a short workout before my head hits the pillow for a couple hours of sleep before church. Below is the picture of the newest Fitbit band that arrived from China in today's mail. This goes beautifully with the dress I'm wearing for church.

Love it. So there you have it guys. Tomorrow we'll go on to discuss more diet personalities. When this is all done, you'll have to let me know if you've discovered which type you are, or if you might even be a combination of more than one. Remember, believe in yourself, work hard, and make 2015 the best year ever. Let's make it one for the record books. Till next time, as always, God Bless.


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