Hello all. Hope you all had a great Friday and have a great weekend lined up. We’re doing something kind of cool tomorrow. My husband’s nephews have a pretty well known polka band in parts of New York and other areas. They are recording a new album at a television station in Vestal, NY, not far from where one of my daughter’s lives. My husband and I, and my daughter , son-in-law, and granddaughter, are going to watch them record their album in the studio. Aught to be an interesting time. Was happy to wear another outfit featuring my favorite color in the world, purple. Especially love this shade . And of course loved that I could wear my purple and black striped FitBit band for the second day in a row. Toward the end of my post I will be putting the pictures of my FitBit band collection, and when the 14 more coming from China arrives, I might have a world class collection, bar none. Who knew what a fabulous fashion accessory I could make it? Thanks China!! Ok enough from me. Let’s get down to business. We will try and continue on, and find more useful info of the type we were discussing yesterday, and eventually get into the exercise portion. So let’s see where this takes us. I never know what’s going to happen when I embark on the day’s post . It’s a work in progress at all times. I’ m going to begin today’s exploration with something found on Web MD, entitled, ” For Savvy Weight Loss: Know Thyself”. Sounds intriguing, don’t you think? It has this subtitle: “What kind of dieter are you? Knowing your diet personality can help you lose weight”. Sounds even more intriguing, right? Well let’s see if it is. Everyone must realize by now, that there is no weight loss plan in the world that will work, if you don’t stay on it. It will be much easier and more successful if you choose a plan that fits your lifestyle and personality. If you hate to cook , you probably won’t last long on a diet plan more suited to gourmet cooks. In fact, you probably would be defeated before you barely got started. What if you live in a house full of kids, big eaters, and are constantly surrounded by food? Sounds tough, doesn’t it? You’ll have to come up with a plan that faces snacking head on. Most women who want to lose weight, think they have to go on a diet. Not exactly true says Linda Sanderson, MD , a clinician-educator at Yale University, and author of the book, “The Perfect Fit Diet”. Sounding more interesting all the time right? She says a diet is simply what you eat, so you’re already on one. It either works to achieve and maintain the weight you want, or it doesn’t.The first step to weight loss satisfaction? Find where you fit in amongst these five diet personalities, and weight loss might just come easier. Weight loss type # 1 is the support seeker. You’re the type of person that always seems to turn to friends and pros for answers to just about everything. You’ve always needed help from friends or family in just about every aspect of your life; from school, to marriage, to child rearing , to name just a few. So what would your perfect diet plan involve or look like? Yours would have to involve plenty of support from people who’ve been there and can share the various battles they’ve faced. You’ll probably want something that meets weekly; A place where you can share your struggles with others, have fun, and get tips on nutrition. This brings to mind Weight Watcher’s, which I consider to be one of the premier weight loss programs , with proven successes. If you’re going the fitness route, you probably need a fitness group with core members such as Pilates, or Aerobics, or other exercise groups like Zumba or Jazzersize . You might also be the kind of person who needs to meet with a personal trainer for one on one help with whatever your issues are. If you are a really good follower, but aren’t able to come up with the daily minucia on your own , choose a diet plan with sample menus and shopping lists. Another idea would be to start your own support group with dependable friends, who would have the time to offer their weight loss help, and wouldn’t let you get away with excuses . A core group of three or four friends can keep you on the fitness wagon even if one can’t make it on any given night. Designate a leader, and come up with a plan of attack. Make sure everyone knows what it is that you expect from them. It could run the gamut from gentle encouragement all the way to what nowadays is referred to as tough-love. Since this examines five different weight-loss types , we’ll pick up tomorrow with the next one on the list. I think you will all find this way of looking at things to be quite enlightening and interesting. I hope you are enjoying all the things I’m finding daily to guide and encourage you in the always evolving journey, we are all a part of. Here’s the picture’s so far of my FitBit band collection. Can’t wait to get the rest. By the end of February I should have them all.

I hope you enjoy reading Carol’s Corner as much as I enjoy being able to publish it. I could have never imagined being involved in such an undertaking. But now I can’t imagine my life without it. It’s like it’s engrained in my pschy now. So please let me know how you think I’m doing . I always value and appreciate any feedback you provide me with. Tune in tomorrow, and find out what Weight Loss Type 2 is. Stay strong, stay motivated, and believe in what you can accomplish , when you just put you heart and soul in it. Till then, God Bless.



One thought on “CAROL’S CORNER

  1. I think you are doing great. I read your blog first thing every morning in bed. It gets me motivated to do my workout. I get up, eat something, drink a glass of water (after coffee) and then walk with Leslie for 45 minutes. I’m loving this and slowly losing. I am also using myfitnesspal to track calories. Used to do weight watchers, but this seems to work better for me.


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