Hello out there to all my wonderful readers. I am going to have to do something short tonight. I have an early morning appointment at my eye specialist which is about an hour away. As you know from reading my posts here and on my walk group on Facebook, I keep very strange hours, but have to try and get a few hours sleep tonight. I get another injection in my left eye, for the eye disease that returned recently , after a seven year break. But the injections seem to be working, so that is a blessing. Didn’t wear this blouse in awhile, but totally love the whole look with the slim pants and the boots. Still trying to get the smiles in the pictures. That’s something I have to really concentrate hard on doing. Since I can’t devote the time I usually do to my posts, I am going to provide you with some links about breaking through your diet plateau. I have seen many people posting that they just seem to be stuck. I did something on this before, but there is alway more information to be found. The first thing you must determine though , is this. Am I causing this by just not being careful about my eating? If that is not the case, then you need to find ways to jumpstart your metabolism and get the weight loss moving again. Here’s to some of the links I will provide, helping you to get going again. The first link comes from a fitness reporter at Health Everyday. It is titled,” How To Break Through The Weightloss Plateau” and has nine different suggestions for doing this.
Let’s see what I can find next. Here’s an interesting one on how to rev up your Mid-life metabolism.
The next one is from a great site called Full Plate Living. You might want to roam around here after you read the article titled “Three Things To Do When You Hit A Weightloss Plateau”.
Next up comes one from Everyday Health, and is titled “10 Easy Ways To Get Over A Weight Loss Plateau.
Think I will make this the last one for tonight. It comes from a site called Diabetes Self-Management and Is titled ” The Dreaded Weight Plateau: Tips To Get Over It”. There are nine different tips covered here.
Hope you are able to use some of the information found in these links, to help you jumpstart your metabolism and your weight loss efforts. We all go through this at some point in our journey. In fact , I think my metabolism needs some jumpstarting at the moment too. Remember, we’re all in this together. Please let me know anything that you would like to see discussed, so I can attempt to address whatever need that might be. I am here to do anything that will help you , my reader’s to reach the level of success you seek, in this never ending journey to health and well being. As they say, “Your wish is my command “. Make this week a good one. Resolve to do whatever it takes to have a successful week in every way that counts. You are worth it. Believe in yourself and make it happen. 2015 is going to be YOUR year. Want it and own it. Till next time , God Bless.


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