Carol’s Corner welcomes you to put your feet up, get comfy, and spend some time in my little corner of the blogosphere. If this is your first time here or it’s been awhile, remember you don’t have to miss any of the posts I’ve written before. All you have to do is hit the archives button in the top right corner of the page. You click on the month you want and then start wherever you need to. It’s hard to believe I’m on my third month of publishing my blog already. I hope you find it to be a blessing. My picture today show’s how the Cami Shaper’s I wear from Genie Bra , can be used under a low cut blouse to make a little separate layer underneath it. My pant’s are actually a dark gray as is the Shaper, but it looks more black in this picture. I should have had another picture taken with this awesome long gray cardigan, I am wearing with it right now. It’s always cold at Denny’s where I sit and write my blog somedays, so I always have to have a sweater with me, and of course I had to put on the boots you always see me wearing in many of my pictures. Not a hardship because I love them. They look great and are really comfortable. I’ll probably wear them until they are just plain wore out. We got a couple of inches of snow, now that the really cold spell broke. So now let’s see if we can come up with some more dinner related info or meal ideas to add to what we started last night. Looks like we’re going to go with something from live, entitled “What To Eat For Dinner To Lose Weight”. It can sometimes be perplexing trying to figure out what to eat for dinner on a weight loss diet. You need to have enough food so as not to be hungry, but still limit your calorie consumption to allow for weight loss. The trick comes in selecting nutritious low-calorie dinners that will fill you up and make you less prone to overeating later in the evening. Sometimes that is a daunting task. They suggest here to include a broth based soup, and a salad with your dinner to help you lose weight. Of course they say avoid cream based soups and full fat dressings. A word of caution to Diabetics, do not opt for fat-free dressings, they almost always contain more carb and sugar grams, especially the sugar grams. I rarely buy the fat free variety of anything, because of this. In fact I am always amazed when reading labels, how high the carb and sugar grams are in almost everything. Things that you would never dream contain sugar, can actually have a high sugar content. Reading labels can be a real eye opener. Back to the subject of broth based soups. According to the 2010 Guidelines For Americans, eating broth or water based soups can help you consume less calories and decrease your body weight. And I would add, the more veggies the better. You can never go wrong by increasing your vegetable consumption. It will provide you with all kinds of nutrients and add that much needed fiber to your daily diet. Something else suggested here, especially at dinner, is to cut your carb consumption. Eating too many high carb foods can turn your dinner into a diet disaster. One way to limit your carb consumption is to monitor you portion sizes and make lower-carb and lower-calorie substitutions when possible. Try substituting spaghetti squash in place of your pasta, or how about mashed cauliflower instead of mashed potatoes? They suggested turnips, but that is too strong for many people’s palates. I’ll let you be the judge of that. I happen to adore cauliflower. Instead of using Tortillas, try wrapping fajita fillings in lettuce leaves. The next suggestion is to use lean protein which we also talked about last time. Use lean cuts of meat as opposed to fatty ones, and a three ounce serving is the recommended serving size. Take note of the difference in calories of these examples. A 3 oz. portion of ribs contains 232 calories as opposed to a 3 oz. portion of 85% lean ground beef which contains 183 calories. In comparison a 3 oz. portion of lean ground turkey only contains 95 calories. You can further limit your calories by using low-fat cheese varieties and egg whites instead of whole eggs, unless you’re like me who can’t stand the egg white choices. Sometimes there are just things I can’t do. Next up, don’t blow your diet on dessert. We all know what desserts can do to your diet, so skip the high fat, high sugar, and high calorie desserts. And believe me I know how hard this can be, especially if you have a sweet tooth, or just happen to love dessert. Try switching out desserts to a fruit salad, watermelon or cantaloupe, or any other serving of fresh fruit. Or if you don’t want the taste of something sweet try an oz. of low-fat cheese with an oz. of nuts. This combination combines protein and fiber to keep you feeling fuller longer. Here’s the link to the information I used for this portion of my post. Of course you can follow this to many other useful links.
As I did last night, I am going to give you some links to other great dinner ideas,menus, or recipes. Also some links may contain more than just dinner ideas, which I’m sure you’ll just find to be a plus. First up is 31 Quick and Easy Fat Burning Recipes from Just keep hitting the arrow button to the next recipe. The first recipe is contained after you go to the second slide.,,20678467,00.html
The Next link is going to be 10 dinners that will help you lose weight.
This link is for any of my reader’s who might be vegetarians. It’s titled ” Two Week Weight Loss Plan: Vegetarian Dinners Under 300 Calories”.
Here’s another link you just might find to be helpful. This comes from Everyday Health and is titled ” 7 Ways To Eat Out And Lose Weight.
And your last link of the night will be more from Pinterest. This is The Best Diet Recipes For Weight Loss.
Well I hope you will be able to find much in the last few days , that will aid you in being successful in this never ending journey we are all a part of. As always I value and even need your feedback. I could also use some suggestions for any new topics we should be exploring. It is definitely a challenge to come up with something of importance day in and day out, but some how it happens. Like I have said before. I am quite sure the Lord led me here, and he must be the one helping keep me here, allowing me to help the people who read this, and the things I post on Sis , to be able to reach all of your hopes and dreams, and to be all you were meant to be. That’s it for this edition of Carol’s Corner. So Stay informed, stay motivated, elicit help when needed, and above all, don’t EVER give up. You can succeed when you believe in yourself. And remember, every day we are blessed with life can be a fresh start. Take that day and make it count. Till next time, as always, God Bless.









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