Well here we are again. Welcome back, or just plain welcome, if this is your first time here. Carol’s Corner is proud to have you all as reader’s. Without you, there would be no Carol’s Corner. It is for all of you that I do this. Liking my picture of the day. Glad I didn’t get rid of the top you see here. It looks like two pieces, but is actually one. Love, love, love the color combo. Almost got rid of this, but because it’s a flowy thing, figured it could be on the looser side. Not sure what I’m gonna talk about yet. I’ll be thinking on that for a few. Already started an album on my I Pad for my blog reader’s pictures, so get yours ready . Thanks to those who already did. I also made a post on SIS, to see who would like to do the same thing there. I posted mine already and some info about myself. We are like one big family and think it’s great if we get to know each other. So is anyone having trouble getting going again after this long string of holiday’s has ended? Even I am to some extent. I am keeping up with my exercise, but my weight is just slightly over the point I feel most comfortable at. It seems to bounce back and forth this last week. Doesn’t help that I have this cruddy cold. First time I’ve been sick in over a year. Went to evening care tonight and just started the Z Pack. Maybe I can knock this thing out of me now. Ok , so getting back on track wasn’t as easy as you thought it would be. So let’s explore some more ways we can make it happen. The source of info I’m going to use tonight is taken from an article on , entitled ” 5 diet resolutions for new year “. Will link it at the end, where I’m sure you’ll find many more things to explore. Are you making bold resolutions to eat right In the new year? Have you even defined what that means? Don’t try to overhaul your whole diet in a day. Resolve to think small, and you can reach any diet goal , one small step at a time. So start with these simple tips. Resolution # 1. Go slow. How about resolving to put more fiber in your diet, or eating more fish or fresh fruit? Any diet change is easier , if you take slow, small steps. Here are three examples to making the afore mentioned happen. 1. Vow to add a piece of produce to your brownbag lunch or to your midday meal wherever you have it. 2. Designate a day as fish day. I really like Tilapia, and many places serve this as part of a healthy meal option. 3. Package up a single serving of your favorite whole grain cereal and use it as your midmorning snack. Resolution # 2. Water , water everywhere. We all know about the benefits of water, but sometime’s we just don’t fit enough in our daily regimen. Water has no calories , is fat free, cheap, and quenches your thirst. Daunted by trying to get down 8 glasses a day ? Think small: 1. Drink one first thing in the morning before you brush your teeth, or in my case my tongue and inside of my mouth. A little humor there , for those without teeth. 2. Tempted by more soda, another glass of wine? Drink a glass of water with a splash of your favorite beverage in it first. Great idea! 3. Resolve to drink one more cup of water than you did yesterday. Resolution # 3. Go for the gold & red & purple . This one could actually be fun for your family. Colored produce is packed full of disease fighting plant compounds. So when you go shopping, reach for a rainbow. 1. Designate a color a day. Pick a color to be the star in your meals each day. For instance Monday could be yellow. Pick fruits or vegetables that day for your meals that would be yellow. They can be fruits, vegetables, or better yet both. It could actually be educational when trying to do this, for everyday of the week. 2. If you have kids at home get them involved by going for a theme. A fun way to involve your family in healthy eating, an added plus. An example could be, building a pizza using produce from whatever color you designate. Use your imagination. Even if you don’t have kids at home, get your partner involved, or just make a game of it yourself. 3. Vary the rainbow. Pick a new-to-you fruit or vegetable next time you shop. Resolution # 4. Tackle mindless munching. We all know how easily this can happen. So often we’re doing this without even realizing it. You’re watching TV or playing cards and you just keep nibbling and nibbling without even thinking about what you’re doing. I’m sure we’ve all been there, done that. Try these tips. 1. Pop a stick of sugar free gum or mint into your mouth. 2. Brush or floss your teeth. 3. Pay attention-look at each piece of food you plan to eat. It might make you think twice about whether to have it or not. 4. Busy your hands with a glass of water or a cup of tea, or clean off the table; anything that will make you aware of what’s going in your mouth. Resolution # 5. Stack the odds in your favor. You can help yourself succeed and you can reach out to others to help when you need it. Here and in my SIS walking group are excellent sources of help . Don’t be afraid to avail yourself of help when you most need it. Tip #1. Have a buddy system. Get a friend or family member to be your partner in helping you to keep your diet and weight loss resolutions. Share ideas, plans, and successes on a regular basis. All the better if they need it too. 2. Leave temptations at the grocery store. Don’t make purchases in the grocery store that will only make you give in to your temptations. Only give into your temptations when you are outside the home and only in the single serving variety. 3. Try to socialize with non food events. Invite your friends to go on a hike or walk. Go shopping minus the food, or if you’re going to eat out, go somewhere that offers diet healthy options. Bonus Diet Resolution : Baby your body. Prevention is key. Before you end up treating a chronic condition , do the little things that will keep your body thriving. Tip #1. Be in exercise mode at least 30 minutes most days. Take a walk or hike, do one of your more strenuous cleaning chores, any activity that gets your heart pumping. And of course, pop a Leslie DVD in, press play , and get walking. 2. Get those tests you know you should have, chloresterol checks, blood sugar checks for diabetics, pap smears, mammograms , colonoscopies (both men & women ) and for men prostrate exams. Stay ahead of the game and stay healthy by getting these much needed health screenings. 3. Get all the snooze time you need or require. This is one I am not quite so good at. Although when I know I am at the exhaustion stage I go to bed and stay there till I have had enough sleep. Sleep helps your body & soul recharge, stay healthy , and cope with stress. Take enough of these small steps to heart, and you can reach any goal . Remember, slow and steady wins the game. Here’s the link to this article. This website has lot’s more you may want to explore. Bookmark it so you can come back and look around. I thought I might do more , but this seems long enough for one sitting. Remember send pics, and a little about yourself. And again, you know how I value comments and feedback. Let me know if there is something you want me to touch on. Every time I sit here getting ready to write a new blog, I am not always sure what I’m even going to do, but somehow it happens. Stay strong, stay motivated, and stay moving. Above all believe in yourself and what you are capable of. Till next time. God Bless.



4 thoughts on “CAROL’S CORNER

  1. Really helpful info from you again….I appreciate you doing this soooo much! That’s a great outfit….looks good on you!
    It’s been six days since I started logging my food and exercise. This morning I have lost 4.2 pounds. I realize it won’t be that much every week, but it sure is encouraging to start off this way. I am actually enjoying eating right and tracking my food. I need to increase my exercise time. Life gets in the way! It seems there is always a reason I have to hurry and get some where or do something for someone….I really have to work on this. My fitbit should be here this week. It shipped yesterday from LL Bean. I had coupons and got it free. Can’t beat that!
    There has been a lot of good information on the Today Show on weight loss this week. One tip that hit home for me was about drinking wine. I mentioned to you before that I like a glass or more (have to be honest) at night. Well, I gave it up and believe I feel better for it. They said if a person does nothing but give up the evening wine….and the snacking that follows, they can lose as much as 30 pounds in a year. That hit home with me and and I can no longer justify it. Even though I was telling myself I was snacking healthy, it was still calories. I have found some great herbal tea, Bengal Spice. No calories or caffeine to keep me awake and great taste. I didn’t think it would be so easy to change this habit. It’s amazing to me that I had to get this old to smarten up…about many things…ha!
    Thanks again.
    Where do you want the info about us…here or on sis on Facebook? I think I already told you about myself…but can do it again if you want.
    😄 smiling makes a person look younger…..really!

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  2. HOw did you get started I am walking 1 fast mile then thought I would strength train the other days think that will get results??


    1. I do the walks just about every day. I do between two to four miles every day if possible. To achieve weight loss, you need to have a combination of diet and exercise. A good diet alone will work, but both together is even better.


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