It’s that time again. Time to see what I can come up with today , to help you my loyal reader’s, here at Carol’s Corner. It’s hard to believe it was about two month’s ago that I started this endeavor. You could never have told me then, that I would be a blogger, but God somehow led me here, on the greatest and most rewarding adventure of my life. Nothing that I have ever done in life compares to what I feel I have been able to do here so far. To be able to impact the lives of people whom you have never physically met is awe inspiring to me . I hope you can feel through my words on the page how seriously I take the opportunity I have been given . There are times I have been brought to tears by something one of you has replied to me. They are what I like to call happy tears, because it is by reading them , that I know I succeeded in what I set about to accomplish that day. That is why I ask for your feedback, so I know if I am showing you the things you need to succeed in this journey of a lifetime. Today’s picture is one I especially like. I’m not always happy with how my face looks, because I don’t have a natural smile. Today it doesn’t look too bad. But the thing I love most, is that it shows off the waistline I didn’t have before I started on my own journey. Seeing it in pictures or in the mirror is what keeps me motivated . As they say , a picture is worth a thousand words, and in this case it is. Speaking of pictures, I was thinking about how you know me through all the pictures I post, and of course through my writing. I would love to be able to put a face to all my readers, and to know a little about you. If any of you are so inclined , you could message me a pic, and anything you’d like to tell me about yourself to me on messenger, or private message me on Facebook . Let me know what you think of this idea. Now on to today’s topic. Let’s talk lunch. First we will discuss all the reason’s you shouldn’t skip lunch. Many people never get around to having a healthy breakfast , especially those with kids. Much of the morning is spent rushing around just getting all the things straight with getting them out the door. By then it’s even more imperative to eat a healthy lunch. For this segment I ‘m using info from P & G everyday. This looks like it comes from Proctor & Gamble, which is interesting in itself. I will provide the link later. So here are some of the reasons why Lunch is important to your health & wellbeing. Reason # 1. Steady blood sugar. Anyone with Type 2 Diabetes knows the importance of this. When your blood sugar drops, the body’s glucose level is too low to provide it with the energy to perform at it’s best. You won’t have the energy you need to do your everyday routine’s much less your exercise ones. If you don’t have a midday meal you might feel shaky, lightheaded,weak, or even irritable. from Reason # 2. Health & Fitness. You might think that skipping lunch is a good way to reduce your calorie intake. But guess what? You might just be doing the exact opposite. You might end up snacking all afternoon and on all the wrong things. You might also overeat when you have your next meal. A healthier option might be a normal size lunch & dinner both. Another thing is that when your body doesn’t get enough food , it goes into what is called starvation mode. Instead of burning the calories your body clings to them, not knowing when it will get more. This is sometimes a mistake dieters make. They consume too little food and wonder why they can’t seem to lose. Eating a good midday meal keeps your metabolism going. If you plan on exercising, It’s even more crucial to eat lunch. Muscles require fuel to work and rebuild. Lastly, preparation is key. In the busy lives we live it always pays to plan ahead. Take just a little time to plan the night before. Do any prep work you can ahead of time. If you take the time to nourish your body in the middle of the day , you’ll have increased energy, better mood, and be able to accomplish more the rest of the day. Link follows: So what should you eat for lunch? I am going to start with something from Eating Well , entitled ” Three Healthy Lunch Ingredients To Help You Lose Weight “. We know we need breakfast to fuel up for the day and a healthy lunch to keep things going. A healthy lunch can also keep you from the vending machines at work and out of the chips in your pantry. When you go to the link I will provide later , you can click on a link to tell you how many calories you should be eating to shed pounds. So here are the three ingredients to put together a lite but healthy lunch whether you’re bringing your lunch to the office or eating out. Ingredient # 1. Vegetables. Making vegetables the largest part of your lunch, boosts your total nutritional value for lunch and delivers all sorts of vitamins, minerals, and the much needed fiber in your diet. Fiber helps you stay full longer and is shown to promote weight loss. The link in this section will help you find low cal , high fiber recipes. Just make sure you go to each section of the article to avail yourself of the useful links that are in each section. Ingredient # 2. Lean Protein. Adding a little lean protein to your lunch will help you stay satisfied all afternoon -gram for gram, protein will help you feel fuller longer than carbohydrates and fat. You will find a link in this section to high- protein low-cal recipes. I can cover so much when I can provide you with links within links. Hope you’re loving this as much as I am. ingredient # 3. Whole wheat bread. Eating whole wheat bread in place of refined white bread may help you trim that body fat as well as that much hated belly bulge. A study in the Journal Of Nutrition showed that people who ate at least 3 servings of whole grains a day, had about 2.4 % less body fat and 3.6 less abdominal fat, than people who ate barely any whole grains at all. Aim for at least 3 servings of whole grains a day. One slice of whole wheat bread equals one serving. Other good sources are whole grain cereals, oats, bulgur, quinoa, and rice. If you haven’t tried quinoa, I urge you to try it. Look all through the link I am providing. There are many more things of value to explore here. Now I am going to furnish a bunch of links with lunch recipes for you all to try. The first link is from Fitness Magazine: 11 easy lunches to lose weight. This one is from Women’s Health, entitled,” 20 Satisfying Lunches That Promote Weight Loss”. The next offering is from Health.Com , entitled” Light Lunches You’ll Love”. Interesting note on this one, is what’s called a Resistant Starch. Read about it here.,,20425472,00.html Gonna go with two more before we wrap up this edition of Carol’s Corner. Think this will give you enough things to explore for days. Remember to bookmark everything so it’s easy to find later. This next one comes via Shape.Com entitled “Lunch Ideas For Weight Loss”. And lastly for you Pinterest fans, this one’s for you. Well there you have it. I could have gone on and on with all I found, but since it’s 2:30 AM and I still have to get a workout in, I guess that better be it. Will be waiting for feedback and maybe some pictures and info on you my readers. Another labor of love completed. Hope you love all the links . Remember, this blog is for you, so feel free to contact me with wants and desires you wish to see here. Much Love, Till next time, God Bless!!!


















7 thoughts on “CAROL’S CORNER

  1. More great reading! Thank You! I finally ordered my L.S. DVD’s! I wish I had taken your advice sooner! I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough room to do a walking workout inside but you really don’t need much room at all and still can get a great workout! While I’m waiting for them I’ve been doing this 3 mile routine I found on YouTube! Phew! I made it through and really had a great workout and the time and miles went very fast! Today was Day 2 and I have some sore muscles so I know I’m working them! Yeah! WooHooooo. For any of your readers who may not want to spend $$ ordering the DVD’s, look on YouTube! There are lots of them there and you can create a favorites list so you can go back to find them when you want to do one! here is the link (if it works) to the one I’ve been doing.


    1. Glad you like my blog. I like Leslie’s workouts more than any other. And she just makes me smile and sometimes laugh. Hey send me a pic on messenger . I’m making a special section on my I pad with my blog reader’s and my walk group. Did you ever join mybfacebook walk group?


  2. Thanks, Carol! I really like the idea of wraps. Seems doable for me. Also, there was idea for bbq pulled chicken. Looks yummy!


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