Welcome back to all my faithful readers here at Carol’s Corner. I appreciate you more than you know. It was a very long weekend for me, where we are set up Friday-Sunday at the mall. Long hours and hardly any sales. Quite depressing. The picture today was taken across from us at a store called Andes Handmade. The dress I’m wearing is a find I got at a Good Will near my daughter in Pa. It only cost me $5 and is a perfect fit and beyond comfortable. My dark gray cami shaper goes perfectly with this type of neckline. Headed to Pa as we speak. Won’t get there till 2:30 in the morning. Got all my devices charging while I’m working on my blog right here in the car. Absolutely cannot live without my I Pad and my I Phone. I am a high tech kind of gal. Even using stuff in the car to do this blog post. Just took a picture of my FitBit dashboard to show my stats for the day. I was ‘t able to do do a workout , but still went way beyond my 10, 000 step goal for the day. Here’s my stats.


Pretty good stats for not being able to do my walk workouts . Good thing my daughter has some old Leslie workouts, because I walked right out of the house without them , and I never forget them. I can’t possibly go any more days without my walks. So today we are going to start exploring why any weight management plan needs increased physical activity , to increase your chances for success in achieving and maintaining your weight loss and fitness goals. Remember , when it comes to weight loss it’s calories that count. You need to burn more calories than you take in. You do that by using a combination of reducing calories from food & drink, and then increasing your physical activity through exercise. If you burn more calories then you take in , it will result in weight loss. One of the biggest things to remember is this : The key to successful weight loss is in making a commitment to indefinite changes in your diet and exercise habits. To be successful in the long term you need both. If you have a poor diet and exercise 3 times a week , you might see some results, but if you eat a proper diet and exercise 3-5 times a week you will see faster & longer lasting results. To be truly successful you can’t have one without the other. You can lose weight without an exercise component, but it is almost impossible to keep it off without exercise. For long term weight loss, exercise is more important. There are times when we overindulge. Exercise can prevent weight gains during these times. It increases your metabolism, keeps you in touch with your body,and makes you more aware of what you’re doing. It is one of the main keys to long term maintenance . So everyone out there, if you’re trying to do one without the other, you’re not getting optimal results, and without both , maintaining will be more difficult. So think about what you are doing and decide if you need to make changes. Tomorrow we will delve deeper into the many benefits of regular exercise. In closing, stay focused , stay motivated, and get up and walk , walk, walk. Till next time God Bless.

2 thoughts on “CAROL’S CORNER

  1. Love your dress. I so enjoy your message each day and it does motivate me. I’m going to do Leslie’s yoga dvd tomorrow for more flexibility. I have gotten so stiff. Makes it hard to do everyday things.


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