Welcome to the day after Thanksgiving edition of Carol’s Corner. Gonna be a long weekend for me . My holiday sales started at the local mall. Not getting a good feeling about this year,but said the same thing last year. So we shall see. My pic for today is on the side of my three tables there. Wanted to showcase my banner. Now how is everyone doing? Hope everyone is keeping up with their exercise programs. It is especially important from now to New Years. The holiday season is full of pitfalls and adhering to our exercise routines will help us focus more on our goals , even if we find our eating habits aren’t as good as we’d like them right now. If we have to force ourselves to do our workouts even when we don’t feel like it, we are usually very happy we didn’t skip them. Getting my Fitbit Flex really makes me want to be more active. Even though I was at something that involved a lot of sitting, I kept getting up and walking. Had my Fitbit for a day and a half and already earned three badges; The Boat Shoe, The Sneaker, and the Urban Boot. Still learning all this Fitbit stuff.


Still can’t believe I was able to amass over 15,000 steps today. This could be addictive, but what a good one it will be. This is definitely going to help motivate me.


Got two new dvd’s to showcase tonight. They are not new workouts , but think I will like both. The first one is called the Five Day Slim down . It was produced in 2008 and consists of 5 one mile walks , one for every day. Day one is the Classic Walk, Day two is Sculpt Your Arms, Day three is Slim Your Legs, Day four is Trim your Tummy, and Day Five is Speed Walk. There is also a Bonus DVD:Super Breakfasts Meal Plan To Kick Start Your Metabolism in the Morning. The run time for the entire DVD is 97 minutes. Warm up is 5 minutes, Miles 1-4 are 14 minutes, Mile 5 is 12 minutes, and the cool Down is 9 Minutes. The second workout is the 7 Day Calorie Blast with 7 complete workouts, All programming was previously released as part of other DVD’S. These are what you get on this video:1. A 24 minute 1 mile Get Started Walk, 2. A 30 minute 2 Mile Fitness Walk, 3. A 33 minute Walk Away Your Stress Workout, 4. A 30 Minute Heart Healthy Walk, 5. A 30 Minute Upper Body Fitness Walk, 6. A 30 Minute Lower Body Fitness Walk, and 7. A 24 minute 1 Mile Walk called The Evening Mile. Tonight I Did three of the miles on the Five Day Slim Down. That was quite a workout. So there you have it. Guess I’m gonna have to call that a wrap for this edition of Carol’s Corner. Hope you enjoyed it and be sure to come and visit me tomorrow right here where you’ll always find me , trying my best to help you all reach your weight loss & fitness goals. See you next time and God Bless.

3 thoughts on “CAROL’S CORNER

  1. I need the reminder to stay committed this time of year. Thanks!
    Your jewelry table looks nice. What mall is it at?
    I’m going to check out the second DVD you posted. I think I would like that one allot!


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