Hi to everyone out there in cyberspace. Hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving. Mine was great. Never enough time but we had enough food for two armies. I ate everything I wanted today and enjoyed every delicious bite. We have Thanksgiving at my son’s and everyone brings something and my son who is a wonderful cook makes a ton of stuff. Don’t think weight wise I did much damage though , cause I was only two pounds different than the morning, which is usually the way it is . I thought my blood sugar would be terrible too, but took it awhile after my workout tonight and it was only 109 which pretty much surprised me. The pic for today is another thrift store blouse I got last week and it is totally me. Adore the colors. I’m going to show you another view so you can see the awesome pockets on the jeans.


Before I show you what else made my day great, let’s just talk about anyone who might be upset with how things might have gone with either their food or their exercise programs. If you are careful before and after a holiday , there is nothing wrong with going off track for the Holiday itself. That’s part of what makes them special, holiday dinners with your family , filled with all kinds of traditions and the food that makes YOURS special. The secret is not to keep staying off track , but to jump right back on your plans. One day is not going to make or break us. So enjoy your holidays, and the day after resolve to get back to eating and exercising the way you know is best for you. So don’t beat yourself up. Enjoy things and just get right back to at the first possible moment. Now for some pics of what made my day even better.


Here’s a pic with my brand new Fitbit Flex. It’s my early Christmas present from my kids. My oldest daughter doesn’t get home for Christmas , so presents are exchanged between some of the family Thanksgiving weekend. This was from all three family’s. I also have a lime green band. It came with large and small bands of both colors and chargers and a doggle they call it , for the computer. I got on Amazon and ordered bands in some other colors . You know how I am with my accessories! Got the app on my phone and everything set up late tonight. Here’s my dashboard for what was left of the day after I got it set up. I did my workout after that.


Not sure if I’ll be able to make 10,000 steps on this weekend days ,because I have eight hours of sitting in my spot at the mall trying to sell my stuff. Friday and Saturday is 12-8 and Sunday is 10-6. Guess I’ll have to walk around the room once in awhile. Will still do my workouts and dancing for what is left of the time when we get there Saturday night. We shall see. So that’s it for this time. Remember one day off our plans is not the end of the world. Right back at it tomorrow, ok? Now get out there and walk the walk. You can do it!!!!! Till next time and God bless.

4 thoughts on “CAROL’S CORNER

  1. Thank you, as always, Carol. I am indeed grateful for you and your love for others! Be encouraged as you so encourage me! Dianne


  2. I have had my fitbit one for 2 years now and I loooooove it. It makes me so much more motivated to move so I at least get in my 10K steps.


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