Today’s pic showcases another of my thrift store finds last week. Love everything about this top, from the colors to the fit, and the price was just right. Before I get started, I want to thank all of you who gave me blog topic suggestions. I will try to get to each of them day by day. Keep them coming. Now that I got this started and people seem to be responding to it, I take this responsibility seriously. I hope that every day I have something to offer. The topic I chose for today, is that of family & friends who seem to be sabotaging your weight loss efforts, or as one of you put it, “how to say no to food pushers”. This can be a frustrating issue, one I’m sure everyone who has been on this journey, has had one time or another. Frustrating to us, because we might be afraid of hurting someone’s feelings and they on the other hand, might have no idea how much this bothers you, and maybe they don’t truly understand how detrimental this is to all the hard work you are doing . They probably don’t realize that this can be a major impediment to your progress. During this long holiday season it is imperative that WE have the courage to address this issue, and the determination NOT to succumb to pressure. At the first chance you get, ask family members and friends to sit down together to discuss something with them. Of course it will be in different groups , but try and have all the discussions close together so you don’t lose your nerve. Maybe start with some of your family first. I think a good way to approach this would be to try and enlist their help. The response might be more promising that way. Sit them down and explain to them that you’re trying to lose weight and get physically fit and that the journey you’re on is very important to you. Explain what your reasons are. They could be many: examples could be something to do with your health, you want to insure you stay around for your kids or grandkids , you want to feel better and have more energy, or just that you want to feel better about yourself. Whatever your reasons may be lay it out for them. Make them understand how important this is to you. Then tell them you need their help to be able to accomplish your goals. Tell them you don’t have to be perfect all the time, but that you have to decide what is best for YOU food wise. Tell them that you love them and don’t want to hurt their feelings , but this is what is best for you right now. If you approach it from the angle of needing their help , you just might get it, and probably will. Sit down with each group of people you need to, and go through the same process. Be loving but firm when they might try to steer you off course. You decide when and what you want to eat. You alone need to make the decisions that are going to insure success on your journey. Remember this journey never ends, it only changes as it goes along. If people truly want what’s best for you, they will help you realize the goals you have set for yourself. Stay strong and stay motivated. Tomorrow I have a cookie recipe for you. I have to try it with the Splenda for myself but it is simple and sounds yummy. Stay tuned.


Designed and printed up a bunch of these tonight, to be able to hand out to people. I’m always talking to people about what I’m doing and this way I can just hand out a card without finding something to write on, and this looks so much more professional. Let me know what you think of this. I’m excited , and designing it was fun. Remember , keep the suggestions coming. I want everyone to feel the joy and sense of accomplishment I feel since embarking on my own journey. It is a journey that never ends, it just changes along the way. Stay on course , and walk the walk in every way possible. You are so worth it. Till next time.

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