Had to hurry after church to get someone to take this picture , so it might not be as good as I could get, but it will have to do. A few more days and Hubby will get to be my photographer again. LOL!!! The best part about this outfit is that both the top and the skirt are from the Jr’s Department. Never thought that would ever be a possibility. What a difference a year makes. Been trying to think of just a single topic to discuss today , but no certainty has come to me, so guess I’ll just go with the flow and let whatever comes into my mind show up on the page. Hope that works for everyone. My weight was at a low again today so been eating more today than usual. We will see if that was a mistake tomorrow. I try to keep my weight in a three pound range and make adjustments when need be. This brings me to something I think merit’s a little discussion. Don’t think your weight loss journey is ever perfect all the time. Remember life happens. Things get in the way. Remember in THIS journey , starting over is just one step away. You make a mistake or two, don’t let it derail your whole journey. Don’t let a few mistakes send you in a downward spiral of one mistake after another. Dust yourself off, start over at the next meal, the next workout, or the next day , whichever comes first. Forgive yourself and don’t beat yourself up about it. Nothing ever worth doing is necessarily easy. Keep that in mind as you approach every day. If you get discouraged remember what a great support group you are a part of. Avail yourself of that when you need it , and whenever any of you need anything that I can help you with don’t hesitate to ask for it. Now as I’m writing this , I’m laughing to myself because I guess I did come up with one topic, maybe not as long a blog as sometimes but still important. Thanks be to the one above for putting the words in my head and guiding me as I put them on paper. As usual this is truly a work of love for me and an honor to be able to help people realize their full potential. Now I still have to get in a workout. So whenever your day starts remember, it’s a new beginning in every way. Hope just one little thing I’ve said here helps you to make it a good one. See you next time and as Leslie likes to say “Walk yourself healthy”.

11 thoughts on “CAROL’S CORNER

  1. I love that outfit! It is so cute on you! I want to lose some weight, so I can feel pretty again. I walked only one day this week, so I have to pick up the pace. Since it is going to get really cold, maybe I will go to the gym or try one of Leslie’s tapes inside. I also see that you are very structured. I need to make a schedule and try to stick to it.


    1. Well I know I keep really weird hours but it works for me. Sometimes I have to change it . Just finished my workout. Did a 4 mile one tonight. Felt pretty good. Do almost all Leslie workouts. When good weather comes next spring will do some outdoor walking. Gotta mark off my snowflakes. That’s gonna bring me to 29. Believe in yourself Sandy. Remember what I said . Think it in your mind till it reaches your heart. Then the real journey starts.


    2. Sandy, glad people like my pictures. I post them so people realize this can be them. Today do something nice for yourself. Fix yourself up no matter where you are in your journey. It will help motivate you. Believe me , there will come a day when you will look in the mirror and say, wow I’m pretty. When you arrive at that day you will never look back.


  2. I love the outfit too Carol. So cute. You’d thoughts are really inspiring me that I can do this too. Since we are close to the same age it makes it seem possible for me. I was doing well at weight loss until I hit menopause at age 48. Then it seemed like I added that spare tire overnight 😈.
    I I look forward to meeting you at some point. Too bad old man winter is soon to be upon us. Not conducive to travel.


    1. Where did you say you were again? I already hate it, too cold already!!! You can do it and you will do it. This whole experience on Sis and doing my blog is the most rewarding of my entire life. If someone told me a month ago I would Be inspiring and motivating so many people , much less write a blog , I would have said they’re nuts. I truly feel the Lord is guiding me. I didn’t even know what I was going to say in today’s blog but just started writing and it just came to me.

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      1. I love in Forestport, which is 30 miles north of Utica. So we are about 2 hours driving apart I think.
        It’s an wonderful thing when God drops a ministry in your lap like this. You know for sure is Him leading you because you would never attempt it on your own 😊


  3. I LOVE that you mention the Lord and are open about your faith. It was actually one of the things that drew me to you … my hubby and I are born-again believers, and while no one wants this to be a mecca for “Bible thumpers,” LOL … I think most mature people will respect your beliefs. Keep up the great work. Please share a typical day’s eating, etc. I always struggle with what to make, etc.

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  4. Carol, I too am a Christian so I thank the Lord daily on any weight I have lost. I also pray for him to give me strength to overcome the temptations of eating the wrong thing. However, I also agree with you that each day is a new day. If I eat something I shouldn’t because of birthdays or other situations, the next day I start all over again. I don’t think “well, I blew it yesterday so there goes the diet!!” Same with working out. I didn’t work out on Tuesday and I felt guilty so Wednesday I walked an extra mile. I don’t think you can beat yourself up about messing up a day. Thanks for your encouraging words!! Love your blog!!


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