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Welcome to the second edition of Carol’s Corner. Thanks to every one who has responded to my first foray into the world of Blogging. Today’s picture was taken at my Mom’s apartment. A friend of mine, my mom, and myself get together once a week to play cards. Tonight we had dinner at Perkins which we always enjoy going to. My friend took the pic for me so I could show you guys another of my thrift store finds . This is one of four tops I picked up , getting all four for $15. Was able to put together a really nice outfit. Love my Genie Cami Shaper that I wore underneath this blouse and already had jewelry that I made that went perfectly. Until I lost all the weight I did in the last year I never even looked at stuff in the thrift stores. Now I go at least once a month and pick up lot’s of extra pieces to add to things I already have. One of my favorite thrift store finds is a beautiful knee length black leather coat I got for $25. Picture below.


Everyone out there that is struggling with weigh issues. You can change your life if you want it bad enough. Remember this one important thing. The journey has to first start in your head. When you lead with your brain the rest will follow. Never give up. When you have a set back, dust yourself off and begin anew. THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN FAIL IS NOT TO TRY AT ALL. Hope you all enjoyed this edition of Carol’s Corner. If there is a certain topic you would like me to discuss or questions you have let me know and I will address them. Now since it’s almost 3 AM I better get my Leslie workout done and hit the hay. A two mile workout coming up. Have a blessed and productive day. Remember you are worth it. Whatever your journey begin it today!!!

8 thoughts on “Carol’s Corner

  1. I am interested in learning what you changed in your eating habits that helped you lose weight. I love the Leslie videos and I am part of the fb group SIS. My struggle is with the last 10 pounds I want to lose!


  2. Hey Carol, love these new outfits! And how nice that you all get together to play cards, we’re Sheepshead players here. My mother is 94 and I’m her caregiver, but with just the two of us, it’s hard to get a card game started. Love that coat, too!


      1. I bet your mom really enjoys the company. Oh and I forgot to mention, I’m the Karen from SIS. If you have time (and I know how busy you are) my blog site is: also known as Quarry Garden Stained Glass. Loved seeing your stash of DVD’s this morning; I just finished the ‘Burn Fat Fast’ new one. It’s quite the workout, averages about six miles from start to finish if you do the whole thing. I had time this morning, so I thought, why not? Great new moves!


      2. Hey visited your blog, really cool. Loved your Halloween table. I have a fall one on my dining room. It’s always set up with some kind of cool table setting. I’ll have to take a picture of it to show you. Loved to see someone doing table settings. Decorating is another of my passions.


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