Welcome to Carol’s Corner. This is my first attempt at blogging.. I am a 63 year’s young Sr. Citizen who has never been better, thanks to a bad Dr’s appointment I had this past November. About 4 years ago I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, but wasn’t taking anything for it. That November check up had elevated numbers for Fasting Glucose, A1C, Cholesterol, and Triglycerides. I was then put on meds. My story begins there. I had let my weight go to a high of 186 pounds. I kept saying ,”What can I do at my age?” I had given up. Well that was just a cop out. At this point I changed everything and the weight just melted off me. By January I had already lost 25 to 30 pounds and was taken off the Diabetes meds. I continued to lose and went beyond my original goal of 143 and settled into my current weight between 128-132. I am presently off all meds and exercise religiously. I totally recommend Leslie Sansone Walk videos. They are great for all ages and weights. Love them and own quite a few. She makes it fun , and boy do they work. I am currently part of a Facebook Community called SIS Walk Away The Pounds. SIS stands for Sister’s In Sweat. Here I am beginning to fulfill my goal of inspiring and motivating others. It is an amazing group of women. I am presently part of the snowflake challenge to walk the equivalent of 100 miles by December 31. Started four days ago and have logged 12 miles so far. Everyone everywhere, if there is something you want to change or something you were afraid try , don’t be afraid. Begin your journey today. I am living proof that it is never too late. So get up and get going on your own journey. Below you will find the only before picture I could find. Have a Blessed Day and see you next time.



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  1. I love me some Carol!! She and I have never met, but I feel as if God placed her in my life at just the right time of despair. I am overweight and I too know Leslie Sansone DVD’s do work. They are easy and fun and I have been in a rut way too long. I am a little under weather as far as my health, but each day I am getting better and will also start the snowflake challenge. Carol, you have been an inspiration to me! I believe you are doing the work of the Lord, inspiring and motivating people that are struggling with their weight and other issues. You keep up the good work God has appointed you to do!


    1. Your reply means the world to me. I just about cried reading it . This reaffirms what I felt is a calling for me. Hope you hit follow to follow me. I will have all kinds of things, not just all serious stuff.


  2. I love this! You have been a wonderful inspiration to me. I do Leslie Sansone 5 times per week (3 mile Walk your Belly Flat). I still struggle with eating and portion sizes. Would love you to include any diet changes that you have made and some things you enjoy snacking on. Thanks. Connie


      1. You know me from the fb group SIS. I’m Deborah Liddle. This WordPress thing is new to me too. Your story really inspires me. I am 62 and 45 pounds overweight.
        We are almost neighbors… I I live north of Utica 😉


      2. Hi Deb. Thought you must be from Sis. I’m actually loving doing this . It took me quite awhile to figure some of this out , the second edition went quite a bit faster. Feel free to give me your questions or ideas for future editions.


      3. We are almost the same age. Maybe at some point we can meet somewhere. That would be fun. Stay strong and you will reach whatever goals you have set for yourself. Our walk group is awesome and I hope this endeavor helps people also. Still can’t believe I am a blogger. I am glad people are enjoying this. Feel free to let me know anything you would like me to do here or questions in any topic. Have a blessed day.


  3. Carol, love the blog so far! Keep posting and sharing. God can really use you to be an inspiring instrument in many lives. I’ll be 59 next month so am close in age with you. Walk strong!


    1. I am so glad when someone tells me that I am making a difference in people’s lives because it reaffirms what I have felt I have as a calling now. And I love to show people age does not matter . We can succeed at things at any age. I think I feel truly beautiful for the first time in my life. Isn’t that a trip at 63?


    1. Thought I had already approved this comment. Did you get your workouts started? Post on the group and introduce yourself. If you follow me at my blog you will get an e mail when a new one goes up. Have done five so far. A few of the comments actually made me cry.


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    Reposting my very first blog back in November. I am now 64 and still going strong. Not in the SIS group anymore. Have my own Facebook group ” Carol’s Inspiration Station”. I also am a member of the “Leslie Sansone Group” , and “Steps For Success”. See you soon with a new topic. Till next time God Bless.


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