Welcome to a new edition of Carol's Corner. Bet you're thinking,” It's about time“! And you would be right on that score. Sorry this took so long. After we catch up,I've got a special treat in store for you from Kathleen Gust Ramstrom. This is her third visit here at Carol's Corner. Wait till you see what she's got to offer this time. You're gonna love it.

My picture today is another of my casual looks, yet at the same time kind of sophisticated. Just by adding this jeweled topper and some nice jewelry, you kick it up a notch. I call this Casual Sophistication and Catherine Warner wins the naming game with, “Sassy Lady”.

With this jewelry set I made some time ago, I was able to pick up all the subtle color hues that this top encompasses. And the FitBit Band ties in quite nicely. Also I love this ring which is Blue Topaz and Peridot set in Sterling Silver. The right accessories can turn any outfit into something special. Play around and have fun. You just don't know what a difference all these little touches make in how you feel about yourself, and also in how others see you and it sometimes makes for great conversation. I've had awesome conversations with total strangers who stopped to tell me they liked something.


The black clasp cover just ties it all together. Oh and don't you just love my new manicure? When you compare this hand with the next shot that shows my watch, you will see they are mirror images of each other. I totally love it. My nail tech does amazing work and I give her total creative control. It's always a surprise.



So compare the two hands and checkout how my nail tech created this most interesting manicure. She is just so clever. Seeing them side by side is a trip!.

Just a little about how my foot recovery and exercise is going before we move on. Today I finally put my step count goal back to 10,000 steps daily, because this past week I consistently was above that number. My numbers for the last two days were amazing. Saturday, my step count was 22,588 steps, 9.36 miles and 118 active minutes. Sunday I had 16,034 steps, 6.85 Fitbit miles, which was actually 7 Leslie miles and 86 active minutes. Saturday included 3-4 hours dancing that night; my favorite activity. Swelling has decreased a lot as well as the pain level. Get it checked by my doctor on Friday.

So now we come to to the special part of today's edition of Carol's Corner. Welcome back for the third time here, Kathleen Gust Ramstrom. So before she takes it away we'll start out with this amazing picture of her in a very sexy “Little Black Dress”.

So is that hot or what? She's gotta feel like a million bucks don't you think? So here's Kathleen to tell you about her newest undertaking.

Kathy's Kitchen….Healthy eating for positive weight loss results.

This is the name of the group I created as a direct interest from the Leslie Sansone Group. After an 85 pound weight loss this past year, many sisters in sweat really wanted to know what and how I was eating to achieve this dramatic weight loss.

And even more interest was expressed after I posted the little sexy black dress that seemed to fit just right after a year of exercising to Leslie and eating a solid, sensible and natural diet whenever I could.

The first step was making a decision to eat healthy. It wasn't one day I'll eat salad and fruit and the next day pizza….no it was a lifestyle change that I will adhere to for the rest of my life.

WHY? Because I had high blood pressure from obesity.

FOOD, oh that word alone can be our enemy or our friend. We love food. There's so much food to choose from EVERYWHERE. And it's all GOOD food, BUT is it a good choice for us? Oh maybe when we were 18 and active all the time and our bodies had more muscle and we had more time to focus on just us….it was easier to keep our figure and eat what we wanted.

Eating what we want is fun until a doctor appointment goes bad, the blood work comes back showing high sugar counts, the blood pressure is too high, your BMI index and your weight on the scale is really too high….

(Sigh) How did we get here? The answer is a lifestyle choice, food choices and a combination of so many things we all face as sisters in sweat.

We need food to live, but the key is making food good for you.

This is what Kathy's Kitchen is about.

It's taking the sisters in sweat and helping them with food choices and general guidelines for everyday healthy living.

These guidelines are more coaching, as sisters in sweat just add what they made and how they became successful. We share healthy recipes and pictures of good food and we share alternatives to food choices.

By following a healthy diet, the exercise program will now show visible results because you are eating leaner and now the body is becoming leaner as a result of the exercise.

Here is an example of a picture on the group.

This is a Mexican breakfast burrito which is low fat, low salt and delicious.

Here are some more pictures of the type of things you'll find when you visit.






If you eat healthy and exercise ladies, the results will come.

Join this group today and share your favorite go to recipes or eat out selections you rely on, to get the weight down, get fit and stay healthy!

Great job Kathleen.! Now you will find more then that when you visit Kathy's Kitchen. You'll be treated every day to informational, inspirational and motivating posts by Kathleen herself and at the same time meet other people on the same journey. To find her group page, put the name of her group, seen at the beginning of her story here, into the Facebook search bar and it should show right up for you to head on over and join. We hope to see you there. You won't regret it. Till next time, God Bless!


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