Welcome to another edition of Carol's Corner. Today is a new day and a new beginning. Remember that each and every day of your journey. This picture was taken at our Saturday night dance. Dancing is the highlight of my week and my very favorite thing to do. I decided to match my outfit to my funky new manicure which you will see shortly. My ensemble was captioned,”Black And White And Fit ALL Over”, by Kristi Johansen Santeramo. Cute one Kristi!


Here's your first glimpse of my rad new manicure. When you see my other hand you will see they are exact opposites, kind of like a mirror image. My nail tech rocks! I had to choose my polka dotted FitBit band for this ensemble and of course this cool ring which is perfect with my black and white theme. I made the jewelry pieces I am wearing and this bracelet is a favorite of mine when I want something black.

You can really see my nails in this picture. I totally love them. I went with two different color clasp covers using the little mini ones. Always makes it fun.


Now if you compare this picture with the first one you will see how each hand is the opposite of the other. Like I said my nail tech rocks.

Today's blog is dedicated to all the senior's out there who I hope are living life just like the above graphic says. I'm going to start this out by showcasing the wonderful lady I met at our dance Saturday night. She embodies everything I tell people and that is,” You can be fabulous, fit, and yes sexy ladies, at ANY age.” So let me introduce Flo Di Pietro.

Isn't she fabulous? So let me tell you about Flo. First off as soon as I saw her I knew I just had to talk to her and see if she would mind me taking her picture and sharing it on my blog and in my groups. Flo is 84 years young!! She said at one point she was 160 pounds and lost 60 pounds in about one year with no diet, just sheer will power. She did say she might want to gain just a little. She takes care of a 12 room house and goes dancing 4 nights a week. She said staying positive is the best medicine of all. Now you gotta see the next picture. She gets her nails done all the time. And look at those rings! She is a woman after my own heart in every way.

Her male friend had written her e mail address down to share, but something must have been wrong. I'm going to type up a note to send her so I can get the correct one. I know she would love hearing from some of you. I'll update you all in that at some point. How can you not be inspired by this cute little lady? She seems to be like me in many ways. I talked to her about how she embodies what I say about creating your look from head to toe. And I can tell she's living her life like the graphic I used to start tonight's topic. She's 84 years young, still going strong and rocking it at the same time!!! How can you not be inspired by this beautiful lady, no matter what age you are?

How beautiful is that? Don't let age get in the way at any stage of your life. Be young at heart. I feel that is one of my secrets and why I get along so well with young people. My body might not always cooperate with me, but I am truly young at heart in every way and I think that shines through to other people in a million different ways.(well you know that's just a figure of speech) LOL!!!

Don't let age be an excuse for saying you can't get to a weight you desire. If you want it you can do it. I used that as an excuse before I started my journey back in 2013, but it is so not true. Once you put your heart and soul into it you can do anything you want. I know so because I did. And I WILL get back to my fighting weight no matter how long it takes. Be an inspiration to others, I aspire to be that each and every day in whatever ways I can. So can you. Don't let age get in the way of anything you wish to accomplish. Have fun, explore new horizons, make new friends. Talk to a stranger, give someone you don't know a compliment. Brighten someone else's day. You might just be someone else's inspiration.



I'd like to close with this, more wisdom for the ages. Have you tapped into your fountain of youth? If you haven't maybe it's time you did. No matter your age, live life to the fullest. Till next time, God Bless!


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