Welcome to another new edition of Carol's Corner. It's gonna be the start of a new day for me whence you see me next. It's been a long two months, but hopefully this will be the last time you see me in this big old boot. It is almost the day of reckoning. When I get up tomorrow, well technically it is already, I should be wearing a real shoe again. I am a little nervous to see if my foot is going to feel ok, but time will tell. I see the doctor for what I hope is the last time on Friday. Keep me in your prayers. Mary-Ellen Miller takes the ensemble caption title with, “Bold And Beautiful.”

I chose all black accessories for this ensemble. I made this really cool pair of earrings and I finally found my missing black bracelet which I had made and misplaced. I found it in a zip lock bag with another jewelry set. I sorely missed it because it was a mainstay when I use black accessories. Also a mainstay is this custom made Black Onyx ring made by a jewelry artisan I know. If anyone wants to see what she can do, look up Loki Blue Creations on Etsy. I adore her rings, but she does lots of other things too.



You've seen this watch many times before and I really like how it fits me. Hopefully you will be seeing a new manicure later this week. It's getting kind of grown out.

So who here is in need of Motivational Mondays? Probably most everyone. Well let's see what we can come up with. My Monday starts a new phase in my own journey. As you all know I have been laid up for the past two months with a fractured foot and ankle. For all except the last two weeks I was pretty much dependent on my husband for practically everything. My diet and eating plan went out the window as that was the last thing on my mind. It took all my effort to just get through each day and do what I needed to do to just heal. This Monday starts a transitional phase for me, just seeing how I fare without this big old boot cast and waiting to see if I am cleared bymy orthopedist for exercise and of course my favorite form of exercise, our weekly dancing. Boy have I ever missed that! So I consider this my first step to getting MY journey back on track. Decide what you need to work on for your Motivational Monday's and contemplate the things you need to do in that regard. Maybe it's just something small or maybe it's a whole list of things. You make the call and you make them happen. You're the only one who can. I have my entire plan ready to go and execute as soon as I get cleared by my doctor. I want to be able to start my food plan and get back to regular exercise again simultaneously. I know some might not agree with that, but that is just how I want to proceed and I know I will meet some people in Weight Watchers that I might be able to help and inspire. That is always a goal in the back of my mind and I hope how I handled this latest setback has been helpful in inspiring someone else.



How many of you have been tempted? I may have been parked temporarily but it has never been my intent for it to be permanent. Make sure yours isn't either. Sometimes life just gets in the way. Boy did mine ever do that in this last six months. If you have to park temporarily make sure you have a plan in place to move on from that temporary parking place and keep driving on as soon as you are able. Don't ever let it be permanent. You will only be miserable if you do.

Joel Osteen almost always has words of wisdom that can be used in almost every aspect of our life such as the one above. This most certainly can apply to our journey toward a healthy weight and overall fitness. We have to stay the course, even if we have veered off it at times. And believing is essential. You can't ever be successful in this journey if you don't believe in yourself first. Unbelief will cause you to fail. So stay the course and like this says, “Don't give up on your future”.

I'd like to close out this edition of Carol's Corner with the above. Don't compare your journey with anyone else's. Stay focused on the things that you have found will work for you, but in so doing you just might leave behind a footprint that is going to help someone else. I hope that this edition of Carol's Corner will serve as a start to your motivational Monday's. Till next time, God Bless.


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