Welcome to all my readers here in Carol's Corner. As you have seen by now I'm kind of in the middle of a journey I wish I didn't have to take. That's a little of what I want to talk about here tonight after I finish my fashion stuff. This picture was taken at Destiny USA when we had our Valentine's Day Celebration. We used a wheelchair to get around at the mall because I didn't feel safe trying to use the roll-about in such a large traffic area. I tried to stand by the planter and not put much weight on my foot. The wheelchair was close by. Chris McPherson Kazirut entitled my ensemble,” Putting On The Glitz.” I'm pretty sure that was in honor of my blinged out AirCast boot. I get comments from people every time I am out and about.






I had specifically made this three piece jewelry set when I purchased this top some time ago. It perfectly matches the colors in the top and I chose my three toned gold ring my husband got me when he was in Afghanistan. It's real gold and I love the floral design.





The goldtone watch was also the perfect choice for this ensemble. And my knee length black boot doesn't show to well in this picture but it looks great with my favorite black pants.




The above statement is what I would like to base my talk on tonight. Boy does the first part of that describe recent events in my life to a tee. It's been one thing after another since I had my automobile accident the end of September; one I survived only by the grace of God. Then two months after that? I received word that my license was suspended. For me that was a big deal. I had to depend on my husband to take me anyplace I wanted to go, and then we come to my current situation. January 16th I had the bad fortune of fracturing both my ankle and my foot. Now I am dependent on my husband for everything. I won't know until Tuesday if I am healing ok or not. I'm scared my doctor might still decide I need surgery. I definitely feel like the storms just keep coming. There are times I fight depression during this whole experience, but I know I have to be strong. My focus right now can't be on my weight. When I am healed totally then there will be time to get back on the right track. I can't even weigh myself to know how much I have gained. I know I just have to focus on letting my body heal. I have never been so dependent on someone else in my entire life. Maybe that is part of the lesson I am supposed to learn from all this, that I can't always do everything by myself. Maybe all this is to make me stronger and better able to help others; to show that you can still be positive and inspirational even when your circumstances are not what you would like them to be. Maybe this is the time I am to draw on all your strengths and all of you are what is going to help me get through this whole experience. I am knocked down right now, but that is not going to be forever. I promise you that when I am healed from this totally unexpected injury I will come out swinging and restart the journey I have been on the past two years. I will try to be an example to all of you; that even when you go through storms in you life that knock you down you don't have to stay down. I will keep on trying to inspire and motivate all of you to be the best you can be and above all to believe in yourself. When you believe in yourself there is nothing you can't do. If you're going through storms in your life, know that it's ok to rely on others to help you through it. Know that any setbacks are only temporary. Sometimes you have to stop and change course, but remember, the road is just waiting till you are ready to continue on to the success you want and deserve. We all need to figure out for ourselves what the lessons are that we need to learn when we go through the storms in our life. Just maybe we will find out what blessings will come to us when we get back up and continue the journey. I hope that I will always be a blessing to you as we go through this journey together. Stay strong and never ever give up! Till next time God bless.

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