Welcome to Carol's Corner. I hope this finds you all well and that you have found the last two features to be motivating, inspiring and even educational. So first let's get my pics out of the way.The above picture was taken at The Olive Garden Saturday night on my 65th birthday celebration. As you can see my picture was taken with what I dub 'my new best friend'; my roll-about scooter. I'll have more to say on the subject later in this post. Jo Ellen Jatczak named my birthday ensemble,”Still Fabulous At 65.” I'll be talking about that later also.

I wore different jewelry than I've worn with this before. The necklace and earring set was a deep purple with gold edging of the stones and good chain so I opted for other goldtone accessories. This beautiful bracelet was a beautiful compliment to the purple accessories. It is actually meant to house my FitBit tracker, but can be used as a bracelet. Since my FitBit had to be put on an 'extended leave of absence' I decided I might as well use it anyway. It is a gorgeous piece. My ring is real gold with Amythyst and Opal.


And then I had this cute gold toned watch I got from my mom.

So you see my 'best friend' for the next few months? This roll-about scooter is going to be the biggest help to me and makes things so much more tolerable. And I was able to rent mine for only $50 a month. Amazing!





Considering my last 5 1/2 months I have HAD to be strong whether I wanted to or not. Sometimes when things keep going wrong, becomes the time when you find out what you're really made of. I've had to deal with one thing after another after my automobile accident. But I've found that through everything I can still be inspiring to people and that is really important to me. Have you been going through hard times? Just know you have it in you to be strong, stronger than you ever knew you were. Avail yourself of all the supportive people in our Facebook groups. Sometimes they can be more help to us than the people in our everyday lives. Don't give up. Keep a positive outlook. Be an example to other people. You never know who you might be an inspiration to. Someone might be worse off than you are and you might just give them hope by seeing how you handle adversity. Be friendly and outgoing. People like cheerful friendly people. I hope I am a source of inspiration to you. I'm going to get through this string of bad luck I've been having and I'm going to be better than ever. That brings me to my “Still Fabulous At 65!” Don't let a number stand in your way. You can be vital, fit and yes 'sexy'at any age. No matter what your age, own it. I am young at heart and that's what makes me “Still Fabulous at 65” and beyond. Be strong, be motivated and love yourself. You're worth it. Till next time, God Bless.

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