Welcome to Carol's Corner. Sorry I've been absent so long. I didn't intend for that many days to go by between postings. I was all set to try and carve out a new blog last night,but found myself falling asleep at the table. If you could have seen me you would have laughed. I scared myself. At one point my stylus fell out of my hand and made me jump and my head almost fell right in my IPad screen. That's when I decided I better listen to my body and crawl into bed. I've had to be more in tune with what my body says these days. So my picture for this issue was taken at my husband's families farm where we have been staying since Friday. We return home tomorrow. I totally love this outfit.The color's are so me, don't you think? Just looking at this picture makes me happy. Naming this was LaShaunda Blake with, “Free Spirit.” That seemed right somehow, because in many ways I guess I am a ” Free Spirit.”


I love all my accessories for this ensemble. I made this set of jewelry some time ago and it seemed like a perfect fit to wear with this ensemble. The stones in this are Ruby Jade and some are cut flowers which make the set really unique looking. My ring is one of my favorites fron my custom designed ring collection made by a local jewelry artisan.

My FitBit band matches the bright pink shade in my blouse perfectly and I chose the clear clasp cover for this.







I picked my pearl watch to wear with my ensemble because it went so beautifully with the other jewelry I wore with this ensemble.


Do you have an exercise tracker yet? I strongly urge you to get whatever kind of tracker you can afford. I own a FitBit Flex which was a gift from my kids 2 Christmas's ago. It is one of the best gifts ever. I know there has been a lot lately being written about accuracy. That doesn't bother me in the least. Nothing will be 100%, just because there are so many variables when it comes to movement. I just know one thing for sure. Owning an exercise tracker like the flex I wear every single day, has kept me motivated to keep moving,to workout consistently and to strive to meet or exceed the goals I have set for myself. I'm not sure this would have happened had it not been for this little devise. I love the challenges. In fact I am taking part in 2 Workweek Hustle Challengeswith 2 different groups of people this week. This is a Monday- Friday challenge to see who can rack up the most steps during that time.

I won first place in this challenge last week. I really worked hard for that win. This week I'm in the same challenge with two different groups of people . It should be quite interesting to see what I can make happen. Tomorrow is a traveling day which might put me behind the eight ball temporarily; at least I hope it will only be temporary. The challenges are a wonderful way to see what you're made of. Are you up to it? I love a challenge. I've always been a competitive person. I will be working hard the rest of the week to see if I can win again. It would rock if I could win both. I urge you to get a tracker as soon as you are able. It is valuable in so many ways. It is one of the most motivational ways I know to keep your exercise regimen on track. It is also a great way to set, reach or surpass the goals you set for yourself. I know I am extremely upset if something happens to keep me from reaching my step count for the day. And I always try to surpass it.

Having an exercise tracker helps you keep the pedal to metal and your feet to the fire, to use two analogies. You will always be aware of how much you are moving and how active you are. You will know when you need to up your game for the day. Whether it's totally accurate is not an issue for me. I still have an important gauge to tell me if I need to get more active that day or if I am right in the zone. Chances are , I will push myself to better my stats whenever it's possible for me to do so. Because when I better my stats , I am bettering my overall health.








The above is so true. It does all these things in really, a fun way. What better addiction could there be than one which will make you want and crave exercise? I know it has done wonders for my fitness and I know it could for yours too. I hope that this in some way will help you to jump on the exercise tracker bandwagon and see just how much it can do for you.




So are you ready to get in on the action? I hope so and maybe I'll see you in one of my challenges. Till next time, God Bless.


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